The downvote!

in steemit •  18 days ago

I think it is a good idea hat we now have a downvote.

I am also happy steemit is updating the front end and listening to users.

Thank you steemit, little steps bring us forward.

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I also like it, I just hope it doesn´t create "mistakes", downvoting instead of upvoting... :D

A small step for man (steemians), but a big step towards main adoption.

warum brauchten wir denn den downvote?

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Haha but easily miss-press

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Zweifelsfrei eine große Arbeitserleichterung für Bernie Sanders.

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Dear @knircky, @diogosantos

I'm not sure if placing downvote in current position will really change much. After all those who didn't use it so far will still avoid it. Not because it's hard to understand flagging system. Mostly to avoid that their action can cause another conflict.

People on Steemit are very touchy this way. Downvoting their post means for most of them a lot. It's like a bitchslap / declaration of war.

Not to mention, that those with small SP still cannot really affect any post with their downvotes. So at the end - this change isn't helping at all (my personal opinion).

I just realized that you're somehow connected to -> are you the one who created it?

I would love to upvote it but I drained my voting power (below 70%) so I need to recharge it first. Till next time :)