Steem being delisted from poloniex

in steemit •  4 months ago 


Steem is being delisted on polo.

Interestingly the price does not seem to care. This is probably an indication that the most important aspect of steem price is if steemit sells or not.

It may also be that Ned, Dan and other former big boys that exited have stopped selling.

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On polo there are stored still 9 mio steem, but on bittrex 35 mio.
So polo isn't so important for steem, but nevertheless this is not so good news.
On the other hand, the amount of SP is rising since several days, up to 206 mio now.
Over all, I'm not very worried about steem.
In the next BTC bull run steem will also rise measured in USD.

Thanks for sharing the announcement, this is where I (used to) go to sell my LBC (and buy STEEM with it). LBRY Credits deposits were disabled for the last couple of weeks, strange they would re-enable it for the weekend and then announce they are delisting it.

Thanks for sharing. Loosing even a shitty exchange (not a fan due to some CS issues I had with them) still isn't good news.


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Sir, sorry to bother you on an unrelated post, but are you an admin/moderator/developer of @steem-bounty? I'm looking for how I can contact someone in charge as I sent in for a bounty sometime last week or so and the bounty was never placed nor was I refunded, and I think it's because of the URL I used in the memo.

Sorry to bother you if you can't help me, but maybe you'll at least know which direction I should go?

Please contact me via telegram

As far as I know he is involved in steem-bounty.
And he is a nice guy so I believe he will help you.

Hi, @knircky, thanks for upvoting my very first steem-bounty for my @cryptobrewmaster startup! btw, our colleagues and partners made local exchange which works in an open beta at the moment:

Also they have a steem account @cryptex24 and a huge plans with SMT's listings in the future!

Check em out!

Next Huobi and Bittrex? Low volume being big problem!

Let’s hope not.

I bet they will, too. But I don't think it is about the volume.
I think they will ditch all tokens which are likely a security according to the SEC.

How could steem be a security without ico

majority (ninja mined) stake by stinc. Not sure if this is accurate but I read somewhere that this might be a problem.

Well today most cryptos are up and Steem is down in price. Unfortunately this looks like a logical result of how Steemit is run. Smaller users are giving up, pushed out by a small group of whales and downvoters. Most people that are in crypto that I know that are not/no longer on Steemit are looking at me surprised that I'm still on it.
People here seem to be living in a bubble thinking all is wel. But all is not well :(

The blogging part of the Steem blockchain is in a bad state at the moment. #newsteem seems allot like old Steem except the abuse has shifted towards hurting smaller/new accounts. Circle upvotes with those who have the most steem still take place. Rewards are being collected under the guise of fighting bot abuse. Less then stellar content is still making more then good content in which #newsteem is suppose to be rewarding. ... ... ..

Steemit / the steemblockchain is deeply linked to being a social media platform. No social media outlets survive without customers and some of the whales of Steemit seem to be content in driving those customers away.

I agree 100% with what you wrote. It's a pity that a lot of people don't want to see this.

Komisch - ich kapiere die De-Listing Strategien der Börsen nicht wirklich, noch weniger die Wahl welche Kunden dazu ne Mail erhalten und welche nicht

Hi @knircky, I wonder how much fear and panic will we witness in upcoming days

Low volume the reason why?

No clue

Its not a good sign when exchanges start to delist.

Steem needs to be easier to get not harder.

I stopped using them a long time ago. They went so bad with the service.