I don’t mind ads, but this?

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Well, im not in favor of the lastest adds that are shown here on steemit.com. So many scammy casinos and now sex ads.


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Sex sells - and steemit inc. will say: we were young and needed the money ;)


Ach so, na dann :-)


Ich hab' mich hier schon ueber soviel Reklame aufgeregt. Irrefuehrende, scam, etc. ...
Keine Ahnung, warum wenig serioese Anbieter durchkommen. Ein paar hab ich gesehen, aber der Grossteil ist Schrott.
Ich nehme an, es liegt daran, was man bei Google fuer die Reklame investiert. Hoeheres Investment = qualitativ bessere Reklame.
Keine Ahnung, ob es so ist, aber fuer mich macht es Sinn :)

Yeah, sometimes ads overdo it a little... :)



Agreed, I don't know who is making the selection (if anyone is making it), but you gotta be careful or you will destroy Steemit reputation by association...

Hi @knircky, I sent 2 Steem for a steem-bounty challenge on my post - https://www.palnet.io/palnet/@ketcom/my-african-apple-has-finally-started-fruiting-but-what-is-the-real-name but it hasn't been effected.

Sorry I was trying to contact you via telegram but it seems not to be going. Cheers


Yea please contact me via telegram. We will send refunds. Steem-bounty does not understand palnet links


Hi @knircky,

Would you mind sharing your telegram account with me? I would also like to keep in touch with you.

Since @intellihandling introduced me to steem-bounty -> I've been using it quite often. And I would love to help you promote your tool (assuming that you would need my support).

Let me know
Yours, Piotr

You have mentioned going to the casino from time to time in your posts. Is Steemit Inc running Google Ads? I have participated in crypto-related conversations on Facebook. I see the worst kinds of financial scams advertised there as a result, which has to mean Facebook ad algorithms classify me as belonging to the target demographic of such ads. The scammy ads are not even crypto-related. :)


yea i feel ya.

But i only get these here....

Use Brave - never see ads again! ;)

Or just use @Steempeak, then you get a much better UI and no ads! :D

May be this feature is active for certain locations? I've never seen such third party ads from here.

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I really think these ads are very annoying and there are various problems when we browsing

It's ridiculous. What year is it, 2009? Google AdSense Certified pros come a dime a dozen now; I know, because I've been one for over 12yrs. At this point I believe they are just 'fooling' around testing ad placements and types instead of doing the due diligence to roll them out correctly.

A new website can dabble, yes; but a service with tens of thousands of users cannot risk user retention by throwing ads on each page like a kid with waterpaints.

I'm all for ads since they need to pay the bills (without) selling off more and more STEEM every month, but for Christ sake hire a professional that can make the transition seemless. Ads are NOT supposed to take away from functionality and appeal.

My suggestion to @steemit:
Hire a Professional (or a better one)

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Well it's definetaly not an appropriate ad, but I am glad to see Estonia being mentioned :D
Since I am from estonia myself.

But sad Estonia only gets mentioned in sex ads :(


Yea too funny


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Hi @knircky

I agree, that some ads may be quite disturbing. Do you think that Steemit Inc. can have much control over content of those ads?



Hell yes

LMAO! ...she does look cute, though. Now, watch... I'll start getting them now :/

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Im pretty sure she is not on that site. I would bet like 1/2 my net-worth on that.


steemits getting steemy! :0

Yep, I ranted about this recently. They need to be doing better!