The Place I Am Most Looking Forward To Going To

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This my entry into the, the place i am most looking forward to going back to is my home province of Taranaki :)

Here is our Beautiful Mountain that now has a lot of Snow on it


That is where i am originally from and have lots of Family & Friends who i want to go visit, i have not been able to drive the 3 odd hours up there over the past 7 weeks!

I have a friend coming down from Taranaki this weekend so the following weekend it looks like we will go for a drive and see Family & Friends.

When we go up we will take some Lamb to cook for the Family

As for my Mates i am sure we will get into some low level mischief when i get to see them again shortly,

In New Zealand we are allowed to travel again domestically and most retail outlets and industry is back going again, We have had 2 reported cases of Covid-19 in the past week - leading the World we ARE!

thanks for reading my post

All pictures were taken with my Iphone7

I am @kiwiscanfly



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That is a great mountain but snow ☹
It's easier in a country less crowded to have less sick people. To be honest I have big doubts about the amount of infected people since in most countries test are/were hardly done.

Seven weeks is not long. I hope to see my daughter this year again but I doubt it will happen within the next three months.

I wish you and your friends fun.


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