Steem Greeting update #1

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So its been roughly a couple of week's since i started officially becoming a Steem Greeter, as well as getting an extra 1000sp to help with this i have also added 800sp to this account and will continue to buy more Steem power!


I am part of a group that includes

We are all supported by @steemitblog & @steeemcurator01 - thank you thank you

So i have been spending more time voting & commenting on new users posts and have found sometime new users have already been greeted & welcomed by one of my fellow Steem Greeters :) - in that case i am....

  • upvoting the new user's post
  • upvoting comments. Its great to see some reputations go upwards!
  • Resteeming posts

I remember when i started it was nice to get votes from bigger accounts and some engagement.

One of the best new users i found was @allbert from Venezuela who is posting some great starting content about his Wedding day mixed in with learning to play the guitar while dealing with protesting ponies!

You should check him out

Screenshot (346).png

I have also started to follow @allbert and am up-voting all of his posts, one of the ones i re-steemed got a lot more attention.

Screenshot (347).png

i told him when he comes to NZ i will show him around and host him and his family.

I have also been upvoting a lot of content that @team-mexico re steems. i have noticed other un official stem greeters welcoming people as well.

My voting CSI for the past 7 days is 6.6
Screenshot (345).png

From what i have seen being done around greeting newcomers the past 2 weeks, there has been a GREAT start and things will only accelerate from here.

dont forget we have a bigger prize pool for the upcoming #spud4steem on 1 June 2020


I am @kiwiscanfly


you're doing a great job



thanks for that :)

How are the Ponies? under control or out of control?

Do you remember thah scene in The return of the King?, when the Rohirrim charged. hahahaha well... quite like.

Forth Eorlingas!!!

Thats right!!! and then she cries FREEDOOOMMMM

Hi @kiwiscanfly nice job on supporting the newusers, good that you focus on one user and keep engaging and supporting him. I usually checking dlease comment on other users via steemworld to track newusers as they usually auto-comment on newusers to promote their services. Keep it up, community steem greeters team doing their part nicely. Steem On!

Thanks for that :)

Oh dlease good call will check that :)

Good work on your part!

Thank you for the great support you provide to the greetings team. I will greet your followers and your votes.

thank you!

I will be following your steem greeting and upvoting as well :)

We will make a great team

Bravo! Let's keep up the good work.

Support of Visual Artworks and Photogrpahy on Steem by @stef1 and @art-venture , rewarded by the Steem Community Curation Project ( @steemcurator08 ).

Thank you so much :)

Thanks for the great summary and for your effort to make all of this work. The change is felt, if we all work the same way, we will see the rewards very soon. We are going to make it :)
A big greeting.

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