#spud4steem 7 day countdown

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The month of May is flying along at a great rate of knots, this time next Monday it will be June 1st 2020 in New Zealand and #spud4steem will be underway - mark this down on your calendar

What can i win?

The list of Prizes for participating are very impressive - take a look at this...


What are the rules?

Have a look at this post which has the guidelines for entering



Huge shout out to these wonderful sponsors



Will you join us on 1 June?

I am @kiwiscanfly



Thanks i will check that out later today after work :)

Hey @kiwiscanfly what kind of post do i have to make to participate in #spud4steem i mean does it have to a some certain topic on 1st june or any random post?

just make a post saying you are going to enter #spud4steem, help promote it please

Then on 1st June powerup some steem and make a post about it, show before and after screenshots of your wallet and use the tag #spud4steem

Hope this helps :)

Thank you for your response @kiwiscanfly i understand now. 1st june of UTC right?

Hai @kiwiscanfly..
Saya ikut ya...
Penasaran ada apa gerangan di 1 Juni.🤝😁

Hi @kiwiscanfly, you have 1 day before us in Venezuela (more than 12 hours), How I can Know the exactly hour to do my post on 1 June?

You just do your post based on your countries time/date for 1 june

when its june 1 in your country you can power up


that´s oh, thanks..!

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