3300SP and TGIF

in steemit •  4 months ago

Made it to 3300SP so thank you to everyone who upvotes my stuff on this Steemit Blockchain :)
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Its Friday here in NZ which seemed to take forever to get to this week, been flat out at work as we prepare for the 2 automated Robots that will slice a sheep carcass in three after going through an X-ray room
Image result for lamb carcass xray

oh think of the sheep the vegans scream

This video show's you what will be happening

Your uncle Johno only has 1 x bouncy castle this weekend, tomorrow i set my Frozen castle up inside the Feilding little theater - i have never been in there so i hope the castle fits

Getting withdrawal symptoms from not buying a new inflatable in the last 8 months.....there is patches or gum i could use i know.
Image result for withdrawal symptoms meme

Have a super duper weekend

this is me @kiwiscanfly
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Hug a Cactus @kiwiscanfly ?? That's All I have in Phoenix............


bet ya its warmer year round there too..feckin middle of winter here

Congrats on the 3300. Let’s keep growing!!


yeah bro lets do it

The vegans will eat your brains!

Now a more serious Q - any concerns that x-raying the meat will make it less healthy?


nah its very low

The radiation level of X-ray inspection equipment used in meat plants is comparable to low level medical procedures used on humans and the meat products do not require special labelling after analysis.

Congratz bro for making 3300 SP! When SMT launch I think that might be a treasure for you!



hoping so..:)

Keep growing buddy, congrats on getting there !

While it sure will fit I hope ;)


thanks man :)

I hope you get more soon :)

@kiwiscanfly - Sir congratulations for the milestone... Keep growing Sir... This is just the beginning...


Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Congratulations! I am more than certain that this number will be able to increase considerably over time and your SP will arrive in heaven! This is the reflection of the effort.

Carefull with the fingers! Upvote for the sheep!

Where is Smudges the cat?


very different one indeed!!

Right on kiwi!