2 year's on Steemit....

in steemit •  7 months ago

I have been on this Blockchain Steemit platform for 2 years, joined in August 2016
its been a good ride and have met some awesome people along the way, i want to thank everyone that supports me and my dribble i put out..
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Looking forward to Steem back at $6 by year end

This is me @kiwiscanfly

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Congratz bro! You are too old in here lol :D Nice to meet you at this platform! This is just a beginning and we have to go so long!



Thanks man, yeah i agree :)

Happy deuce mofo!


Thanks Girlfriend
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You’re Hawt!



awww how fast they grow up eh?

From this ...

to this ...

two years ... such an oldie now. Well done for sticking it out, and being so supportive of us newbies. Thank you! :D


no worries buddy :)

  • thank you

Congrats man!!!


Thanks for that :)

gerne gelesen
grüße aus Deutschland

Ah 2 years... I have same :))


nice - good work :)


Thanx :)) I hope next years more cool for as :))

Beautiful stroy I appreciate your valuable content thanks for sharing this beautiful life


not a bad picture of your Uncle johno actually.....ladies???

hey thanks for your comment

Two years is nice. You got in at a great time and I'm sure you have seen a lot over that time.

There are some amazing people on this site and I've seen a lot of new developments in my 14 months on here especially in the last two they seen to be really flying high.

I'm looking forward to when the markets pick back up as I think $6 is an inevitably never mind where we might be in another 3 years time.

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Hi @kiwiscanfly, welcome to steemit, to convert STEEM/SBD to FIAT instantly use https://mysteemx.com

Two years, how cool. Happy steemit anniversary. You were in when steem was like 7 cent. Im sure it has been an amazing ride. Hope they next two are just as awesome

wow, I make this account 2 years ago but 1 month older than you. Back then I just wanna to make some account to become some cool kid you know, just reading some stuff, upvote some article etc but I cannot stay on the platform long enough man. I am curious why you stay faithful on steemit for almost 2 years, what's making it different from any other forum?

congrats for the 2 years and many to come!

Nice! We'll revisit this post on your 50th anniversary

@kiwiscanfly congrats mat to completing 2 years in this amazing platform, i'm very much curious to know how much experience you gain from this platform, as of your follower i'm waiting for that, and hope you can learn us how to grow up here

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Its my first 10 days on steemit- glad to see that people like it so much they are steeming on 2 years later. Also I love your cat!

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That's older than Smudge..


Congrats my dear crazy man! I'm happy to have you as my friend :)))

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Congratulations on your two years anniversary! Keep on steeming on Steemit!


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