STOP Assuming!!!!!

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Today, I'm going to be writing about one of the reasons of depression, loneliness, strife, anger, sadness, divorce, break ups, malice and emotional distraught.
Assumption as a word means predicting an uncertainty. baring a belief that is not confirmed or something that seems true but without proof.


As a socialite and love doctor, I have witnessed a lot of scanaries where bad assumptions took a wrong turn especially in marriages and relationships. Wrong assumptions come as a result of Miscommunication and the slightest misunderstanding .

So one time, l met this fine young man who was a friend of another man whose Sexual advances I refused. of course I didn't know they Were friends. But immediately the other guy knew, he began to tell on us both wrong things about each other. He told me Nathan was only planning to use me and he told Nathan that inwas known for sleeping around. Nathan didnt believe him, but i did, i assumed the other guy told me the truth but i was 2rong because i lat3r had courage to confront Nathan and he told me what the other guy had been telling him. Imagine if i had failed to communicate.

Below, i have made a list of assumptions gone wrong.

  1. Stop assuming that anyone or everyone who asks you for money is out to use you or dupe you. Some of them are just really looking for help. Help if you can and if you can't, better say so and don't shame them behind their backs.

  2. Stop assuming that people around you dont want your progress or are jealous of your upcomings. This will
    Only create enmity and in real life, people are way too busy trying to set things right in their lives.

  3. Stop assuming anyones life is better than yours. You only see pictures and people fake smiles, people fake financial statuses, people fake even character. Do not believe everything you see.

  4. Stop assuming that those who dont start conversations first or call frequentlyareroud or have forgotten you. Some people dont know how to keep up, some dont know how to reach out first, some are shy, spme are naturally reticent and if you dont look for them first, you might not find them. Dont let ego ruinnwhat you have. Instead understand this class of people.

  5. Never assume you know people. This will be one of the worst mistakes you can make. Dont judge by looks, religion and even background. Dont even judge by friends! Show me your friend and i'll tell you who you are is an old assumption. I have friends that smoke, i have never lit one to my mouth. My friend cheats constantly doesnt mean i'm the same. My friend is a stuck up snub doesnt mean i am the same. My friend is gay doesnt mean that i am.


  1. Stop assuming sex is going to keep a man. If you think it does, youre out for a big shock. Thesee days, it takes more than sex to keep him all to yourself. Pray instead that you find the right man for yourself. If he values you, he will stay true to you.

  2. Stop assuming every girl that comes your way only want your money. Thee are girls who want love, happiness, sincere feelings and even a future. These ones dont care a whole lot about whats in your bank account. The others outside this category just want to suck you dry. Lol. Remember there are two categories.

  3. Stop assuming that every guy who approaches you wants whats inbetween your legs. I have a lot of male froends who i can stay alone with, the whole day and feel no funny or awkward sexual approach. All men are not the same.

  4. Stop assuming he /she is or isn't something : rich, intellectually sound and so on. Rich men dress like paupers these days. Wearing skimpy clothes and make up doesnt mean she doesnt have a high IQ.

  5. Stop assuming love at first sight. In some cases its lust at first sight. Be sure to read people and their intentions well first.


You got it right @kivar. We assume too much.

Like my pups says, assumption is the least form of reasoning. Anyone can assume.

Rather than assume, ask questions or make an enquiry into why this is this or that is that. Instead of making assumptions that may not add up.

I remember while I was in the University, I had a friend of the opposite sex who I was attached to. We were so close but my relationship with her were within certain boundaries.

Not until, I told her I got had a girlfriend, her reaction said it all. Finally I got to sit her down and talk it out. In her words, she 'assumed' we were dating since, it was just sex that was missing. It took a lot of talking to fix a that friendship.

The essence of the whole story is that we should ask questions rather than make conclusion on our assumptions.

wow I can imagine how she felt

Nasty. She wouldn't think that way if you didn't lead her on. Lol.

Lol, i always avoid such circumstances. I always define every relationship