Redditor Claims Steemit Is "Deep State"

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Reddit's new TOS is making some want to leave. But one Redditor just claimed Steemit was Deep State when he wrote a long story about the why he's looking into new places to go, but isn't sure Steemit is the right choice. And he was quite adamant about his claim.

I think it's pretty funny that out of all the sites someone might claim are "deep state," Steemit got on the list. I'll share where the comment was made, in case you're on Reddit too.


The comment was made by Redditor 911bodysnatchers322 here, as part of a longer post about why he plans to leave Reddit because of their new TOS. Apparently he has come to this conclusion about Steemit because he believes that the conspiracy tag is shadow banned and he couldn't get anyone to answer his questions.

Has anyone else on here ever heard of the conspiracy tag being shadow banned? My first very uninformed thought about this is that maybe his posts just didn't get voted up much and that is where his belief came from.

Have you ever heard anyone else claim Steemit is deep state? That's just pretty funny to me. :D

But this does provide Steemit with a unique opportunity. If enough people on Reddit are mad about the TOS changing, then this is a great opportunity to tell those people about what Steemit offers and encourage them to check it out. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Reddit and like to post there from time to time. But I also think there is plenty of room to grow Steemit and many of these folks might be interested in trying it out! :)

What do you think?

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