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A lot of us struggle to get a couple of penny worth of up votes, especially the new comings...

This is a problem that is persistent and frankly very hard to solve if it is solvable at all

I get a little help from tagging my post with the "busy" tag even if a few cents it is always better than 0

Here is how it works: will up vote your post at least once a day each time you insert the busy tag in your post
The share for your vote is calculated in relation to the sum of the Steem Power of all your followers

So if you have a whale as your follower then you will get relatively higher votes ...if you have 0 followers you get 0 votes and so on...

genial in my opinion

This will also incentives the creation of good content without needing to pay for an up vote bot especially if you are just starting and don't have enough STEEM to buy a vote

On the other hand if you start posting spam your followers will unfollow and your vote share will decrease plus if you have a whale as a follower you will get down voted significantly...

So really this can only push you to create authentic posts, I don't like saying good and bad posts, instead it is either authentic/original or not and that's what it's all about

But what will the followers gain from this?


  • First of all they will be getting the pleasure to read more and more original contents on Steemit as the spam gradually decreases and the push for opening new accounts increases as users will want to benefit from this progressive "stable" income source that steemit can become
  • Secondly, and this is a personal proposition, if you are delegating some of your steem power to the busy bot you can get daily rewarded...

There you have it, a full circle system that has been proven to actually work for almost an year now


This system of curations and followers will eventually lock down steemit as a great platform and will and can be a model for other similar platforms that are coming up on the EOS net

With this model, STEEM can be used in many new platform and step up the competition in the market especially with its brother EOS

All we need is the will and a four liner welcome page:

Every new steemit account will read about it in the "Welcome to Steemit" page and will join in knowing that only authentic creation can be rewarded

So think twice because it is another day for you and me in Steem Paradise

Therefore I am calling out on @curie, @smartsteem, and everybody to put your hands together and make what been doing but on a default base

I like an old italian say:
Do it right or don't do it at all

I remember my father telling me those words and I would reply:
Ok! I will not do it!

Jokes apart, this could be a game changer where following somebody is actually monetized

Anyways that is what I have to say about this and frankly I am pretty happy to get a few cents on my posts than nothing at all which is the main reason people flee out of steemit because they feel like they are wasting their times or more frankly don't have the time to waste on something that is still very arbitrary and some even say very centralized

I cannot think of a negative side to this in fact it is an abuse proof system and with it there can be no losers only gains for all and also the days of begging for votes and followers will be by gone


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