STEEM in top5 Coins That Raised Today!

in steemit •  8 months ago

Good news for all of us, STEEM is into top5 coins that gained raise today, and not a small one at all!

So you count to see its 6th.. But the first coin is just a joke pump due to how Market Caps work. Lately, some funny dudes like to pump coins to top of MarketCap just to show how the system is flawed (ive spoke about it before).

All good projects are in this top5 (minus scam/troll coin) so worth keeping eye on this.


SBD Doing Allright Too

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STEEM is going to be the most growing coin in year 2018, mainly due to its utility. Utility coins will rule this year since they provide intrinsic value through services such as DApps, rewards for creators etc. With upcoming SMT release, STEEM will lead the way to be the topmost utility coin in years to come. HODL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh that's great. Finally a good news. I have been holding my all the investments for this day. I am hopeful my patience will pay off.

What do you think what price can steem achieve this year?


It’s tough to know how long this down-phase will last. My best guess is until May. That’s when we’ll have the big industry conference called Consensus.

The Consensus conference has typically been a period when we’ve seen a lot of new big money enter the space. In the coming days, I’ll go into what I think will be a big announcement at Consensus that will drive the crypto market’s next up-phase.

For now, be patient with the market. And remember how the tech space acted between 1990–2000. Every pullback&—no matter how steep or how long&—was followed by higher highs. I expect the same to be true in cryptos for many years to come.


Yeah, that's so trueeee. Addition to that, ups and downs are the part of game without them there will be no fun.
I am waiting for bitcoin to touch $15k again because when it reaches there then only I will have the enough money to buy Mac book.


$25 hopefully... I Love Steem!! Moon shot soon.. hold on to your shorts... lol


That is almost exactly what I just said to my wife.


I believe in 50$ by jan 2019

steem is moving


Its moving yes..... Steem is next big coin now...
Hope it stays at the top


And We Have Lift Off!!


I currently take all my earning from other sources and put it into steem


I'm starting to do the same.



Dude yes absolutely. I wanted this so much. And now I think "than you very much". This is good for starters, hope it will rise more after gaining some momentum.

Thank you for this post very interresting

Damn E-coin 1500% .. lol

Good sign for Steem!

Few hours of price hike does not matter. Steemit is a great project. In the long run it will be winner.

I believe that with steady user growth Steem will reach 100$ until 2020.

yeah hope so it reach to 6$

Good deal. I love that you are gauging the price in bitcoin.

Steem isn't what we want it to be now, but I think this dip has enormous advantages.

This is the time to buy and stock up for the future blow!


Nothing like hanging on by your fingernails on a Friday then getting that margin call at 11 a.m. on a Crash Monday when the market is already down 10%+.

Gonna be fun to watch the rookies freak out.

Why did steem rise so much? Has it bottomed for sure at $2.7?


Anyone know why bitcoin cash is significantly outpacing bitcoin today?

steem might go on to be next best coin..... We are so happy steemit has changed so many life...
Its really helpful......
Nice post sir.... Hope u post more such wonderful post thank u

Looked into ecoin because that pump was a clear Wtf. Pos coin with 120% yearly return. Scam coins still poping up like crazy 😐 Steem and SBD are handling the btc bear market like a champ. 😎

The real question is what is the reason behind the spike?


Most people do not really care about this part. It's always about "to the moon". I think someone probably bought a lot of Steem some hours ago

Tam beklediğim gibi çok iyi

Wonderful 😊😊

I am so relieved! The drop in steem and Cryptos in general, got me trying to predict the next rise of SBD. However your post @kingscrown is a relief. I think the best is yet to come. I just hope I climb up the ladder in time. Thanks

E-coin is joke. Its 5000% percent growth few day back and came back to 0% and today he is doing same thing.

Yes it is obviously a good news happy earning to all

Hopefully once binance comes back online we will see a pump in steem!!

steam always moves. thanks for sharing with steem friends

Yes steem is rocking and all steemians are happy

Good news!

seeing Steem going up it is always great news no matter what :D

It is great to see some upturn in the market and have Steem be on the positive side of that upturn. I know that there are a significant number of people here that have a lot invested in Steem, Both in terms of dollars invested and also in terms of the time they have invested in this platform in order to build their brand and reputation and the wallet that they have. Any time the market takes a dive like it has been taking it is always nice to see some positivity again. I see so many posts and comments where people want moon shots and get rich today events but I think we are all going to be in a better place if there is a slow steady climb. I see the market getting huge again and I also see Steem right there at the front. Thats why I'm all in and falling in love with this platform. Lets just do it at a pace that we can sustain. Sustainable growth rather than get rich today and run. We can all come out winners!!

Great, hope it keeps its upward trend.

Yeah..thats good. Steem is rising!!

Steem will inevitably, climb to one of top contenders in the market. No need for an upvote, the truth invokes no reward better than the knowledge of knowing what the truth is. Thanks for spreading the truth.

If you have advanced there must be who want to tear it down

Told you steem will rise again like a phoenix.. :D :D Just keep hodling it will rise much higher we just need to wait for it to pop. :)

The summit awaits you. Let's go steem.

"We're in top5 for daily increase!!"
Picture showing us at number 6...

I know it's just the name of the site, but I still found it kinda funny just as a coincidence.

It's really starting to all move slowly, I mean, five days ago many people were all selling everything so quick and was jittery obviously no faith in the coin

Here we are a glimpse of hope finally, the coins are rising

steem is rocking.

Wow what a Great News for all of us. Who are with Steemit.

I been buying steem on the dips on Poloniex. I never had problems moving coins around but the memo part of steem is different. If you or someone else in this awesome community can tell me right way to move my steem here I would be thankful. Enjoy the posts kingscrown keep up the good work.

we hope to see the values increasing

awesome am glad we steem has started to recover rabidly though i was never worried about the future on steem

Steemit is excellent platform which is providing good place to earn crypto currency of high value to its community. Steemit future is surely High

A glimmer of hope at such a time is a huge boost to me the lover of anything built on the Steemit block chain.

Thank you for all you have done

It’s a good news for all. Let’s see what happens next..... we will not be disappointed. Thanks for sharing...

I am holding steem and steem dollars hoping for some big gains this year

I wish Binance wasn’t down : (

STEEM- best crypto out there, because its functional, and provides a platform/service by bringing people together to create new communities based on similar interests with like minded individuals.. GENIUS!

Oh yeah! Im glad Im here now!

You got a 23.81% upvote from @alphaprime courtesy of @imchandansah!

Yeah STEEM is by far my best coin and will wonderfully do well in the future.

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Buckle up your seat belt.. Taking off soon!

nice market analysis and thanks for the update..glad i could upvote it..cheers!!

Someone bought a shit ton about a hour ago and the price skyrocketed!

Steem to the moon, boys!

Love it! Hopefully it keeps the upward movement.

STEEM and SBD prices suffered along side with BTC dip, but now we are outperforming it in a considerable way...
Hope you guys bought STEEM below $3 because now the way is up, to the moon!!

Can't wait for it get to $10, then I could honestly live off of steem alone. In the meantime I'm going to accumulate as much as possible. :)

thanks for you sharing, good info

steemit dollar is kiptocarinci .

wow!!! that is great news, at least something good came out this week thank you for this post @kingscrown

very good dear

Go STEEM go! To the moon and back! @ironshield

bitcoin back pleas like and follow me thankspobrane.png

bitcoin back pleas like and follow me thankspobrane.png


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thanks for your good news @kingscrown about the steem coin , i am looking forward to seeing steem can reach the high point inthe early stage. wait and see, good luck to everybody .

YES steem is a great investment

Good correction so far hope it should again reach $8+ so that I can buy Xbox :)

it is surely seem that steemit is going to more strong day by day .definitely it will came into top 5 ranking crypto this year and we all hope so .peoples are investing it and also trust on it .