Some coins going up.. STEEM there!

in steemit •  5 months ago

Despite bear market we could see BTC going up in last 24h and a few alts too with it.
STEEM is one of them!

Notice arbitrage on POLY from Bittrex to KuCoin and LRC to Binance


Good to see Polo low on vol since their wallets are down since half a year.

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And long may it continue. Cheers

Steem is doing really great today! I wonder what caused the increased value.


The sudden rise would add weight to the suggestion that the CME futures trading in Bitcoin which matured on 30 June affected the price of Bitcoin, and with it all altcoins, so perhaps the rest of the year might see some upward movement?


That would be great! I hope something like this happens.


So am I. I also wonder how long it will last.


I'm crossing my fingers that it lasts a good while!


Understandably so!


Finally! Steem is being shown some love :-)

I can't help myself from grinning like a idiot while looking at the prices

That's so good news. All we are looking forward for Steemit up. Here you give us crucial news. Thanks for sharing.

good rally

I always knew Steem would pick up sometime around HF.

Looking very strong! Any specific news why Steem is pushing way stronger than most other alts? Any new exchange listing or so?


Maybe because Steem is placed second on China's Ministry of Industry & Information Technology list of public blockchain ratings. It has the most number of blockchain transactions. Because of the internet which connects us, and the arbitrary nature of "value", no-one can stop cryptocurrency.

time for the pump

@kingscrown do you think that this is right time to buy Steem and SBD?
can you tell me your preductin about it?
reply me please..,,. i'll follow you closly. @krishnackt11

@kingscrown great post but what do you think till when #BITCOIN and ALT Coins go up because after green, red market also coming from past few months

@kingscrown do you think it is the sign of bullish trend ahead?


Why is it good to see Poloniex low on volume? How does that help Steem's price?

Any particular reason for this Steem price increase?

And nice to see the SBD pegging to $1 finally works. NOT! 😆😜🤐

Steem is in good demand. It will certainly fly to the moon.

ah yes yes but also in the last 24 hours they have gone down a bit so the rally was VERY short lived.

Now we can See good rally

Great news! Full steem ahead!

very nice

The rise came out of nowhere to me. I wonder if it will be gone just as sudden.

At least Steemit is looking livelier again. I actually enjoyed the "Steemit is going to die, crypto is dead" mood that was in the air.

Steem up around 20% in the past 24 hours! Everything else pretty flat. Not sure what has caused the spike in Steem.
And don’t even get me started on polo! I’ve lost loads due to their inability to credit deposits and process withdrawals and they are still failing to respond to tickets from months ago. Scammers

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