Small Steemit Updates

in steemit •  5 months ago

Some updated on chain here.

  • Im close to 29 000 followers

Somehow cant pass this number, do we really have less than 29 000 real users? Other numbers ive been able to cross fast but 28800-29k looks like ages.

  • Proxy me Witness voting
    Witnesses keep STEEM working but its hard to chose them. Go to scroll down and put kingscrown as PROXY. "You can also choose a proxy that will vote for witnesses for you. This will reset your current witness selection.". The very down. Dont vote on me, make me proxy voter.

  • Changelly Adding of STEEM
    Easy service to exchange coins on the fly, TRY IT HERE. I can get STEEM there discounted but still needs payment. @ned wanna PM me so we set the deal ?

  • HitBTC still down

These guys will never make it work.. So dont look at their prices as you can withdrwal or deposit since ages (months)

  • Funny price on Rudex

    Dont even bother trying to sell ;)
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Love your posts! Upvoted!!

This post was upvoted for being original, creative and all around amazing.
Keep up the excellent work! Thank you for being a supporter.
Full Steem Ahead!! <3

Ill sell one on rudex! wooho!

Wow congratulation for your great achievement @kingscrown

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Congrats, love your content.

good call!! i just gave you my witness vote because of this post!

getting like 5 buk on Bithub all fricking day, Dang son take part!
lol. = Bullsheet


Wao congratulations for your wonderful achievement,thanks for sharing,

Your a Lucky guy!!

You were working in platform from may 2016

You work hard to come to this position today

Congrats that's great to see! 🤘😎

Hi there! There may be more than 29000 active accounts, they just don't follow you. Not sure why I would, just met you!