PSA: SBD Not Working on HitBTC Since 3 Days!

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Currently, we are having issues with SBD on exchanges.

People speak about deposits not coming to Poloniex, wallets on Bittrex get closed and now since 3 days HitBTC is not allowing to withdrawal or deposit coins. Hell, we cant even move them from exchange to withdrawal wallets - which is very strange.

SBD Markets

Only Bittrex and OpenLedger seem working fine.

HitBTC Volumes

Consider to retweet this to get some volume and possibly HitBTC gonna fix this problems.

We really need more exchanges that can sustain having wallets open!

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Poloniex is just taking users SBD to do inside trading. I can log their deposits with 10 year old PC, they just have to monitor the steem blockchain - no technical problems here. Scammers...

This you said could be absolute truth...
Except there's a reason for non operation...
I particularly have some sbd frozen in it too... Have some friends with same testimony.

Buenas gráficas, sin duda muestra el cambio que muchos queremos en nuestras ganancias.

Today the bottleneck of cryptos is the exchanges.

Is there any problem with the txns of Poloniex exchange? My Txn has been frozen since 8 Dec? No where to be found!!!

Far as I see it, there is no money in trading cryptos. Put the coins in your wallet and take a long nap.
It is already hard to make money trading any asset, no matter what your research is, at the end of the day, you are gambling up or down, then there is the fee. If exchanges are making our life harder by closing wallets when they see fit, it's over, only the idiots will keep going.

This was my experience as well. The best is just load up on coins you like.

Agreed. A fortune is being made simply by holding and investing a little occasionally in the equivalent of a crypto penny stock. Why stress out your life by trading?

I withdraw my SBD 10 days ago from HitBTC and till today I haven't received it. I submit support ticket but no response. I remind every a few days and get nothing ! Very bad service..... I will not use HitBTC again.

As the price os sbd is different in many ita not working though . Maybe when rate get low it will start qorking then @kingscrown

just use blocktrades from you steem wallet next time. That's what i did. The fees are reasonable, and it's fast too!! Next time i guess ;)

Open Ledger always works like fire

In bittrex i can not generate a memo, in poloniex there is problems. What exchange don't have problems?

That sucks.

I also noticed it.. I think the reason behind it, is to stop arbitrage trading.. SBD price in hitbtc is 0.00054 BTC and in bittrex 0.00064 BTC.. There is a big difference in exchanges.. When price will be stable in all exchages, deposit and withdrawal will work again normally!

That would makes sense if hitbtc themselves were doing the arb, which in stock parlance is called "trading ahead". If they are doing that, everyone would be wise to never use Hitbtc again, as it violates the spirit of running a fair exchange.

I think you have a very good theory there. With the often huge differences in the prices on different exchanges, I'm sure there are probably many attempting the arbitrage angle.

Shame on them

"STEEM is currently under maintenance or experiencing wallet/network issues. Deposits and withdrawals will remain disabled until a solution is found, which may require an update from the STEEM team" It says on polo, I've been trying to buy some and send over here for days

Tech working cust support tickets from Blocktrades informed us that it stems from Poloniex breakdown on SBD trades/orderbook. They haven't fixed it & trades need correcting. Concensus re: main APIs used relied on Poloniex & they're throwing out Bittrex prices but those closest to reliable. Good Luck to us ALL? targeting SBD ~$40 ♨

You are doing well. The important information that is shared among us. By doing this every New New Update. As a result,
there is a lot of benefit to all.
Getting it Because the currency is going to be more or less a little later...

good work & all the best my dear friend @kingscrown

Could that be part of the reason why it's going down?

It seems like bittrex is the only exchange working good now, I hope this get better ughh

nice info yes of coarse we need more exchange that can sustain having wallets open. keep sharing @kingscrown your article deserve to be upvoted and resteemed. so upvoted and resteemed from my side.

Informative post. thanks for sharing.

It seems to me that your post is very urgent because I use steemit to give me a little bit to say in simple words what it means to say please tell me a little

Wow, that is concerning, to say the least. I did see when Bittrex was closing accounts, but I had never had a problem there, thankfully. I don't have an account on HitBTC, and it doesn't look like I'll be in a hurry to open one either.

I saw that before your post. Maybe they are having some maintance ?

I've had issues with Poloniex. Sent over some SBD a few days ago and nothing. Bittrex seems to be the best option for both SBD and STEEM.

I can't understand why they are paying $12 by SBD. My experience with bittrex is that they suaully close wallets of the coins being pumped.

??? kenne mich nicht aus!!

@kingscrown I encounter the same problem presently. I cannot even exchange. I hope they do something about it very quick

HitBtc is broken, ive been waiting my SBD for several days now... They do replayed my ticket and said they are working on fixing it...

I prefer use bittrex,

Two Questions:

#1 Can we really say OpenLedger is EVER "working fine" given there's never any volume on it. Maybe a smidgeon of volume for its own BitShares or OBITs, but even those are only tradable in terribly small quantities. It sure seems like a failed exchange, no?

#2 Who is the other side of the trades on BlockTrades?

1 not always but at least its also on Graphene liek STEEM so they know how to run nodes 2 exchanges that have SBD/STEEM

I have retweeted this hopefully it puts pressure on them to get it fixed. I haven't had any issues thus far with bittrex and not being able to trade SBD so far anyways. (knocking on wood)

hope you succeed

These days there was a good Arbitrage trade possible on Polo and Hit. Average 8 to 12 dollar would generate a good profit. Strange that its disabled. But on Polo i thinks its since months like this.

I suggest to don't use HitBTC @kingscrown

I completely agree with having more exchanges.
This is a huge problem to be honest.
In my experience support is pretty much non existant when contacting them.

We definitely need more exchanges as this is a big concern for me personally.

As usual excellent post.


hello @kingscrown
My money got stuck on transit
I was debited but it never hit my poloniex wallet for day now
I'm currently trading my spare SBD on bittrex
My fear is that, hope bittrex will not join other exchanges to disable SBD

"we cant even move them from exchange to withdrawal wallets", unfortunate reality !

Is there anybody who knows the reason ?

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Thanks Dear @kingscrown Its Very important post for us.I got fulfill concept value of Dollar.

Ledger works 👍🏼 Best wishes 💕

Very exciting news for the community. Thanks for sharing

Did you even read it?

LOL At a reputation rating of '14,' I believe he/she has other concerns, rather than actually reading a post.

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