Looks like STEEM is going to loose another exchange.

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Sadly i have just noticed one of STEEM exchanges decided to delist it.

The exchange is LiveCoin and this is last day to withdrawal.

STEEM Markets

Never heard of LiveCoin? Well its our top3 exchange with 2,17% volume for today. Notice it has also right now not bad prices vs Bittrex or HitBTC.

I have sent ticket asking for reasons but no reply yet.

LiveCoin Markets

STEEM is not their top10 but still they have some volume from us. Open Trading Network, FirstCoin and TechShares are unknown to me. Bitconnect is a ponzi scheme so also not interested. They are the main exchange with PeerPlays (one of STEEM borthers) and have few interestng coins.

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I'm not worried the Korean Exchange Coinrail is let to list Steem by the end of the month! They had to set a cap on daily accounts to be created because it had so many people joining!🚀


great news! from LC message it seems theres just 24h to do withdrawals so still this is important to share, but KR exchange is great!


Yea http://coinmarketcal.com is a great source to track crypto news


thanks a lot!


Can you make a post about it? It is a good news for the community too :)


that's great

At least we have blocktrades.
I know it is expensive but it is pretty fast and get the job done.

Great post.. Thank you

this is not good!

Livecoin STOLE my STEEM. I sent a few over there, and they never came. Then they closed the entire STEEM market. Russian scam cunts.


I think we have to ask whose problem is? Livecoin or Steem? I tried to use one of the famous mining company to get Steem and I am still waiting. On the other hand, Steem's price and position in Coin Market Cap is going down. I think Steem developers and owners should address certain problems and let know their community to see if we can help to solve the "evident"


Why you use "barely knew" exchange...


insted to use established companies like @blocktrades @bitshare and other one?

It's the same trouble with some traders friend who choose scam brokers insted established brokers...

Yo ,
Thanks for the great content

Is STEEM on its way down? Will it be here in 2 years?


It's on its way up


Yeah, I did notice that. Just wondering if it's a good crypto to hold on too for the long term.

Lol, I cant see no logical reason for that to happen! Please tell us when they respond the ticket.

The volume from Livecoin was minimal anyways. We don't need them. Moon bound!


As long as it's on BItrex, and Poloniex we are golden.

Unfortunate to hear the news. I really like Bittrex to do my trading.

KC that means a price consolidation is coming soon to STEEM, hopefully for $1.50..

Thats not good for steemit at all.

Lets make Seemit bigger then youtube!!


dTube is already growing like crazy! So many uses of Steem



i guess it have enough potential to get much bigger than anything social media so far,

Their lost, steem-on!

Looks like it is old news, but that may help explain why steem had fallen so much lately. I wonder if the decision was made due to all the hiccups over the last month.


Created 25.10.2017 14:03
Dear clients, please withdraw STEEM before November 10. This asset will be delisted. Withdrawal and trading will not be available after October 31. Please don't deposit STEEM.


news might be old but its last 24h to withdrawal so worth noting now ;)

Hay my friend it's really a bad news but why does it happens. Does you really don't find any resion.

This is why we need to get listed on Binance!

Also let me be the one to inform you that Segwit2X may NOT be cancelled.. plot twist: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@pandorasbox/segwit2x-not-cancelled-bitpico-claims-30-of-the-miners-will-still-go-on-with-the-segwit2x-hardfork-wtf

thx for sharing, maybe they'll put it back? wonder what the reason is.. :/

Livecoin was faking volume the first few days, might not even be a real 2% of volume.

Would be interesting to know why they unlisted though.

Omg steem is going to gone!!

Thanks For new update, but this not good for steemit at all.

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Awesome post.. Vote for you

Livecoin just learn there is this exchange. Too bad steem is a good coin why they stop it.

Useful info, but I have never used livecoin. 😳

Would love to know why the delisting... DPoS is not a crime!

I don't see it as a problem for Livecoin to drop STEEM. I think they have their own internal problems, which is why they did not reply.

STEEM has value that is increasing everyday. New STEEM-related developments are attracting new participants and investors. I've seen more and more YouTubers posting on the STEEMIT platform. With the recent issues with Twitter censorship and blackouts, I expect that some Twitter users will seek out another social media outlet, as STEEMIT. The info about cross networking STEEMIT posts to other platforms and vice versa, will bring even more participants.

As the STEEMIT platform grows, so will the value of STEEM. I am undaunted by the exit of Livecoin. STEEMIN ON!


You are right, instead of most alts, who don't have any real application. Steem is pretty much the only coin that has an actual use, and is being used.


We hope so. We want to see Steemit grow.


nice way to explain man

this is bad news for the steem community

There is nothing to worry about with the market situation, although in general the stock market and other capital trading have significant fluctuations in recent weeks and little impact to the price of STEEM and BITCOIN.
But overall trading and investment in Steem, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency remains the safest side to invest

Again valuable information about steem for steemit community..... what your opinion what will be the factors behind it....its really matter of concern being member of steem community

Thanks for the heads-up.

Wow, that's a bad news and more than that, surprising!!

this is NOT good news. I recently wrote about the lack of trading volume causing Shapeshift to stop supporting Steem as well. The Steem team needs to do SOMETHING to build some excitement and get ppl interested. What's wrong with a marketing budget? Sometimes a better product is out-done by a better marketing campaign (ie Betamax vs VHS).

I hope the Steem team starts creating a news cycle soon. SMT's simply dind't get ppl excited. Too vague and abstract.

you’ve mention Bitconnect a ponzi scheme can you let me know more in details appreciate it

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Thanks For new update.

What does this mean for the blog?

Steem will win another exchange, once the Pecunio plattform is fully functional. We are looking forward to promote this beautiful idea of a network with it's incentives and it's currency!
Support the movement!!!

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, it's not good news...

@kingscrown it's a bad news but I think steem is very promising currency and very soon it will emerge

im new to steemit and it's already delisted.. am i too late in the party?

please give me a steemit power

Why does everyone call bitconnect a Ponzi scheme ? What's wrong with it ?

Thanks for your information

So ... why are they all dropping steem?

Steem is on the 👍ups, like a crackhead who supplemented his cereal with crack for breakfast

lovely post @kingscrown

Thank you very much for an update. At least it will give users a chance to withdraw their funds.

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Its a bad news after all dont like to hear such news but we need to accept it. Anyway what we can do now is to find even more steem.investor for.its price to gain something more and big.

what could be the reason for delisting steem? I mean is it too steady for them or what aspects are delistings based on? if it's because of the steady price then it should get shorted to the point of delisting themselves muwhaha >:(

Their Loss.

They're getting delisted because the site isn't legit. The same authors(owners) get there posts bumped to the top, while everyone else is just posting content for 10 views or so. The spirit of decnetralization is gone when there is a corrupt system like that in place.

Great post Thank you