[GUiDE] Let me be your Witness Proxy Vote on STEEM.

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Unlike other cryptocurrencies where we can have 100s or 1000s of unknown miners or pools on STEEM consensus is made by people called witnesses.

They are the ones mining blocks and accepting forks/changes in the code.

If for example STEEM INC changes things in code, witnesses may deny it and the change wont go live.

This is why it is important to choose them wisely and review often.

Not everybody has ability to choose right ones or monitor current ones so STEEM came with idea of proxy.

Proxy means you can pass your witness vote to somebody else by this you support the network without doing anything.

Its better to pass vote and help the network than not vote or not keep the list verified and updated often.

To explain to newbies - this vote costs you nothing, passing this vote doesnt make any change in your funds or power. This is just another setting that has nothing to do with posting or voting on posts.

Right now with latest updates its very easy to pass your proxy vote to me or somebody else that you prefer.

Just go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses and on top put my nickname - kingscrown in the field.

Notice put me in PROXY field, not in witness field. Im not a witness and i will never be, I only plan to monitor current ones.

How do i choose witnesses?

I look for missing blocks, for their voting preferences, fairness, github commits and activity on STEEM.

I change those often depending on circumstances. So if you are not familiar with how STEEM works on the inside yet would like to help the network - consider giving me your proxy voting.

If after some time you will decide im not doing a good job - you can just switch to manual any time. There is no risk involved at all.

Are you a witness i have overseen ?

Contact me on chat or in comments here and i will review what you are doing.

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kingscrownBTC kingscrown tweeted @ 04 Sep 2017 - 02:40 UTC

using $STEEM #steemit ? let me vote for #witnesses for you

steemit.com/steemit/@kings… / https://t.co/w2f7tyNky4
#bitshares $MUSE $LISK $BTS

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

@kingscrown, please write more about that and explain a little more your plan of actions with the proxy votes on a different posts if possible.
I like your ideas and it is a good deed for steemit.
I will follow the link to pick you as proxy.
Keep on steemit!

I have set you as my proxy long ago!:)

Thanks brother!

would be nice to have a history of all actions the witness made, so people can do some research about them. Otherwise you never know who you are giving your votes.


Didn't know something like this existed haha...Anyways You have my vote!

Ps: I am so in love with your Crypto Blogs!! <3 <3

Thank for support man :)

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Thanks for the heads up, buddy! You've gained my undiluted trust since I've known you on Steemit. No brainer, man. I've put you down as my proxy. Good luck, mate! :)

Just set you for my second account, after reading your posts since June 2016 Thanks! I trust you

Thank you for trust!

you are very welcome !!!

You are my proxy now!

Amazing ;)

hi friend I sent you a message on discord :)

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I'm not sure it would be responsible for anyone to pass along their vote or allow anyone to act as a proxy. This gives some users imbalanced voting power and leaves minnows at a disadvantage.

Who is more likely to get passed a proxy vote? Large accounts.
This may allow a single user with a bunch of followers to unfairly influence important decisions that would be better represented with one vote, one account.

If large accounts or personalities have a certain position on a particular issue they should have to campaign and blog their sentiment to the community and have them cast their vote accordingly, not cast hundreds if not thousands of votes for others. There are too many ways to exploit this kind of feature.

That's why you have to trust your proxy.
There's less than 10% of active users voting for witnesses. Sometimes they don't even hava an idea what the witnesses are and why would that matter.
Most users never ever talked with a witness and have no idea what they are doing, still, they are very important for reliability and security of the platform. Without knowledge about technical details or how certain actions affects the platform it's hard to make a decision. So if you know someone of trust that keep an eye on a witnesses and would adjust votes accordingly, then it's just an indirect election.

Again, I understand your thoughts and feelings. However, if someone doesn't take the due diligence to learn about what he or she may be participating in including technical aspects of the platform, then they cannot responsibly delegate their vote to someone they assume has done their diligence. If we follow your reasons, the same reasons you give to motivate someone to pass a vote along are the same things that make the act of vote delegation not only dangerous but blatantly irresponsible as well. If a user doesn't know the technical side of steem, how can they make an informed decision? They can't understand your technical view, right?

As with real elections, low information voters are free to cast a vote, but they are not free to pass their vote to another voter if they aren't up to the task. In US elections fewer votes are cast in general elections than the total possible voting pool. But we haven't made the choice to allow non participants to allow someone else to cast a vote on their behalf. I'm certain there are many logical reasons why.

I do understand what you are saying to justify this ability. I didn't wish to be adverse to the proposal for adversity's sake. Someone a ton smarter than myself could demonstrate countless ways this type of delegation could be abused. I think if you would like to convince others that this is viable, you need to explain how abuse will be taken out of the equation. If you cannot, this should be a non starter and devs should move quickly to disable the feature.

I think if you would like to convince others that this is viable, you need to explain how abuse will be taken out of the equation.

Simply: possible abuse of power is on both sides of the equation.
It doesn't matter if you trust user X when it comes to witness votes decisions.
Or if you trust user Y about being a good witness.
If you trust X as a proxy and X votes for Y, it is exactly the same as if you would trust Y as a witness. If there is some malicious agenda at X or Y, then issue is the same: you chose to trust wrong people.
Not to mention that you have complete control on your decision and that can be changed in 3 seconds.

Witness is not my point at all, I think you understand that. A witness, if voted to be a witness by each account, has earned the right to be witness. If one person could cast 1000 votes for those who otherwise don't care to vote, that is an imbalance that should not be readily welcomed.



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How come posts like these attract so much spam? Do they get curation rewards simply by commenting, and choose to comment on anything users with high reputation score posts?

I get the spam due to being popular author, have to live with it - but its annoying

very hard to be a beginner steemit to get a lot of upvote

nice post @kingscrown... awesome

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

What's "awesome" ? lol

this information should be passed on resteemed and upvoted.

you have a big expirience in steem it is help us thanks

hm, sounds like maybe

I've set you as my Witness Proxy.

Also upvoting this post Sir

Muy interesante!

That is handy to know about and will set you as mine. Thanks!

Hello @kingscrown
I have set you as my proxy.

greet post @kingscrom thanks for sharing

Nice post @kingscrown

sounds good
i wish will be :)

You are my proxy now!

but i have a question..
i think i had 3 witnesses,, is it important that i must have increase them more and then set you as my proxy or it doesn't matther??
and does proxy mean you vote for our witneeses instead us? and is it better to us , is it help us to get as power account ? or.... no .. it help you and steem miner and steemit? i just wanna know more about that and increase my info.. regards

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Good po

I would appreciate giving you the proxy voting power.

For info, where can I view all the witnesses that you have voted for?

On another note, thank you for doing the police work on Steem and monitoring and helping witnesses!

Keep steem'in hard XD

Great post ...i found it usefull thanks to share it...

nice post

I just posted my witness update if you want to check out what I'm doing. I'm very active in Whaleshares and we have spoken there.

WIll check, im on Whaleshares you can ping me there too

nice photo

This is a fantastic topic for me. I like the idea and this post.
Thanks for this beautiful post.

That is nice and this information will go a long way. People don't have to go through the stress of selection, others can do it for them.

It certainly makes sense to pass you voting power to someone else if you have no idea what you are doing!



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Great post, i has upvote, i'll be back, thanks

Right and done ✅

When ever I saw you post ,I learn a new thing everyday! Thanks man

Interesante post, muy ilustrativo

Saludos desde Ecuador :)

Care to elaborate what is so interesting? Love how people just express the opinion in three words without actual concern.

I just think while all the witnesses are mainly steemit/cryptocurrency creators and developers other type of content won't get a lot of visibility. The top should be more diverse.

I always wonder what's the difference of voting for a witness and voting for a proxy. good thing I've read your post. Well sure, I'll set you as proxy if you wish 😉

This is a great idea for minnows who aren't prepared to put in the time to vet and vote for 30 witnesses. Thanks for helping us keep the site strong.

Personally I'm pretty happy with my votes, so I'll keep doing mine for now. But in the future, I might have to use you as a proxy...

Have set you as my Proxy... @kingscrown :)

Nice info, thanks a lot for info.

Hi way not you share your strategy with people and make some good group who follow you like you just post name with one line description what every name.

cryptocurrency Is one of my favorite topics ever! There is always something interesting to cover. Thanks, this info should be spread around so everyone can read it

I have set my proxy to you : kingscrown

Nice @kingscrown !!! I set you as my proxy on the voting!!! I am a beginner in SteemIt and Crypto currency but I follow your posts and I love them!
I also upvoted your post!

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Thank you again and wish you to do only great work on SteemIt !!!!

Anyone care to elaborate on the negative consequences of giving someone your witness? I'm not sure I fully understand the implications.

I have no problem with doing this except there are 2 people I absolutely insist on keeping.

I have set you as my proxy too, hehehe
would you upvote my post??? :D
Thanks before, because it hard for me to get attention :(

You seem very fit and have way more knowledge than I do about how this whole thing works from the inside. I too believe it isn't good just to sit around and post but be active in keeping the Steem network goin in a positive direction.

Thanks sounds good :)

Did it!

Thanks for the tip!

I was not aware that you could proxy vote. Sounds like a good way to go! I trust you to look out for our best interests!

just made you my proxy and subscribed to your newsletter. I'm new to the whole cryptocurrencies world and I'm absorving everything I can. Your blog seems like a great place to start.