27 000 Followers Passed - SPECIAL POST!

in #steemit2 years ago

I have just crossed 27 000 followers today. It has been over 2 years now here. Greetings to all my friends and supporters.


Currently, Bitcoin is dropping like a rock and all coins are cheap.

Here is a list of 27 coins im currently buying/stacking up on. The order is random so if you want to follow just check them all.

Coins & Reasons (if theres particular)

  • BNB, KCS, BIX, AURA, IDXM, HT, COSS - popular exchanges made those for usage on them and with their success, the coins raise too.
  • TRX, ONT, EOS, ADA, OXY - swapped or swapping to their own mainnets soon
  • ZCL, ZEN, EXCL, XZC, SMART - anon coins which didnt get crazy prices yet and are still affordable
  • ZIL, CS, DXT, ZRX, LGO, REQ, BAT, RCN, OAX, PRL - good looking Ethereum Erc20 projects

Anon Exchanges to Use

This exchanges have all of this coins and dont need ID verification. I have tested each with pretty big withdrawals and had no issues.

  • Binance - the obvious top vol exchange, has STEEM
  • KuCoin - i would call it the younger brother of Binance with many NEO and ETH pairs
  • BiBox - amazing China exchange, similar to other two above with different coins
  • Huobi - used to be top volume BTC exchange, now has many great altcoins
  • CoinExchange - many ETH tokens and anon coins
  • COSS - many deals on ETH tokens for arbitrages
  • Cryptopia - some decent coins that others dont have and nice volumes
  • OpenLedger - decentralized exchange build on BTS, the older brother of STEEM

Summary + BONUS

If you didnt see it but want too, check this (song only):

If you want to see it (SPOILERS!) do not watch this thing below.

So the bonus is cool song + a cool movie (imho).

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What about Byteball and Dark Bytes?
Are the currencies you listed better than them?

Currently, Bitcoin is dropping like a rock and all coins are cheap.

Because of BitFinex' USDT manipulation and the overall inflation of the cryptocurrencies' market due to hard forks and new currencies.

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Hello @kingscrown, congratulations on this big achievement. It indeed shows your dedication and consistency. I wish you more success.

Congrats bro for that amazing feat you achieved! Im one of those 27k of yours, lol

I love it Eliza well done! I am new to this#!

Great to see a Steemit Legend cross another great milestone! 27000 followers are really something ............. Congratulations man!

I can't believe that so many coins that you listed are the ones that I have bought. Difference being that if you have 100 coins I probably have just 1 :-)

Same is here.

How do you have so many? You have almost as many as @ned. lol

Congrats big bro!

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It is a great achievement . You passed a long time on steemit. Well done. You earn a great success.

go get them tiger :)

Congratulations, 27 000 Followers Passed.

Congrats with the milestone! And thanks for the tips on which coins you buy into now :)

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!

Click the Image Below to see the Video!

@kingscrown Congrats to you!!! You are doing awesome here.

You got me taking notes LOL.

Wow! Nice work! Would love your support, check out my blog if you get a chance :)

Congratulations! Thats the result of your hard work :) Keep it up!

Wow! congratulations on that achievement and having long journey in this platform. More years to come!

nice work sir :) That is truly respectable.

Any tips for a young buck like myself trying to make it in the world of Steem?

Congratulation for your achievements !

damn....thats a lot of followers

Hi @kingscrown

Congrats for your achievements 1st of all! Happy to see that

I wonder if here via steemit will exist in the Future good curators for Art/Music ... untill this moment i feel like those who are sustaining their status of big whales are not whilling to upvote/comment/react to most of the artistic blogs out there :-) I was just wondering if steemit will be a perfect New Renaissance platform to revolutionise the new era on Art/Music via internet.

Regards and feel free to checkout my music.

Hello, spectacular achievement, having so many friends is a special reason to share this great fish tank. I hope to reach your brand and more. Congratulations

Awesome achievement! Congrats :)

Awesome 27.000 followers. Congratulation. I still have a long way to go. Not only with Steemit. Also with my crypto holdings. I´m thinking of buying more VEN, ETHOS, ICX and put some new coins into my portfolio: ZCO, ZIL, POE. And ONT when it goes below 5 USD. You got one more follower. Keep up the great work. Resteemed

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WOW! Amazing!!! Congratulations :)

Congrats! 27k is amazing, lol

congratulations ....
and good luck...

..... i'm new to steemit, and i'm still dreaming of my first follwo
from the old seemitians ...
it s hard .... but I hope that it will go

Hi there, congragtes for you followers and I AM ONE OF THEM, your posts are interesting and helpful, as new comer that list of excange is helpful to me thanks, but what is your favorite one that you advise to use?

Wow, you're a legend. I'm just new here and I hope I can have many followers too! Anyway, congratulations @kingscrown for this another milestone.

hi @kingscrown :D congratulations!

Ranging from small to adult community participate in developing togetherness in steemit sophistication.
thank you @kingscrown

27 000 Followers :) a lot... i hope this makes your day very happy .
And hi from Estonia :)

great achievement I wish I will get there soon,help please bro upvote ma post and comment thanks

congratulations for you big achievement. I wish for your more more success and go forward. Nice analysis of your deffrent coins. And finally a lovely song.

Congratulations !
You have done alot for steemit

Congratulations on your great achievement @kingscrown. That is not a joke, that's a lot of work!

you're the inspiration for us minnows

I like exchanges i dont need ID for, i used your link yesterday to sign up for Binance

Congratulations dear sir you achieved this milestone due to your mastery on cryptocurrencies space whenever I want to know something that is interesting or new I switch to your post and found something new always, sir recently I found some hype on IDEX by volume about SILENT NOTARY (SNTR) token an erc20 token and needs your valuable suggestions should I buy this token or avoid it as it's damm cheap from last swing.
Again good luck my dear sir.
Success is yours.

Cheers! :)
Now I'm your Binance refferal :)
At last I've registered there...

Congratulations your circle is huge.Now 27001 including me :) keep up the good works

Numbers are huge!!! Your reputation is incredible, I didn't know that exist and I'm happy to find you. More than congratulations! You can count me after the 27,000 (not that it counts, I'm nobody but I hope to learn more from your posts).

This amazing achievement! Congratulation @kingscrown

Great article ... nice videos. you just got a RESTEEM from me. Cu later and greetings from Dubai, Fritz


it would have been better if you did a little stripping :(

wow.well-done bro,congratulation. :)tumblr_static_tumblr_static_e182gu2qsdckcwo44w0gs0o4k_640.gif

My congrats

Congrats to you on all the followers. I haven't logged in a while and noticed all my followers are gone and I have none. Oh well.

Congrats. 27K is no mean feat and I bet you still have more actives than haejin's 31K.

Will anyone amass 50K followers before the year is out?

Wow !!! Congratulations for 27000 followers and thanks for suggesting some good token which I can use for trading ;)

You will soon cross 1 million my best wishes


Awesome post.

Congratulations dear Sir for your legendary achievement.
We will get more information due to this as you feel more responsible and responsive for the followers and lovers of your information who trust you.

Congratulations @kingscrown for this great achievement. I am also one of your follower.

Wow, Congratulations.

Congrts you are a real example of succes bro, very motivated :)

First congrates on the follower you have achieved ! plus you are doing your best and uploading quality stuff and information thats the way of your success brother hope you get more success on steemit ! having fun steem on @kingscrown

I congratulate you for that great achievement, I am new here you are an example to follow, continue to enjoy this great network, greetings from Venezuela.

Congratulations on the feat achieved.
The duration you already put into crypto shows it's well deserved.

Gratz on 27k and 2 years, thanks for the info on coins and dex's 💪

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Do you have any tips for increasing followers and/or SP?



Congrats on that milestone buddy !

It sure is a dream for many !

Congratulations! :)

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Wow, it's amazing and quite jealous. Anyway Congratulations

Wow, it's amazing
And quite jealous. Anyway

                 - airris

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27,000 is a lot. Congratulations.

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Dam well done!
Nice to meet you!

Is that you dancing around then?
Or are you a dude?

If so you are a fine looking specimen :D
Cheers :)

I'm willing to bet your real number of followers is somewhere below 2,000


Great dance, Baby!
A Kiss from Berlin ;)

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Congratulations lady sure you are one of the best un this steemit world, wow that is the result of work go ahead and congratulations again

Congratulations @kingscrown it surely has been a long journey.

WOW! That's an impressive number. The journey's the reward, right? :-) Congratulations and go for 50K

You have 27000 Followers. that includes me, from the first until now I read your post, two years can have many followers. success for you master @kingscrown👍👍

Ahh I see a buddy in the comments..
You are a dude then.
Creds to you and a lucky escape :D

Congratulations buddy. Happy to see and this figure is really amazing. (Keep it up). I wish to have this number of followers one day.

that's fricking awesome given that there are about 60,000 active users, what do you attribute your success to?

Felicitaciones, eres otro gran ejemplo a seguir, ya que demuestras que con constancia y trabajo duro todo se puede lograr, éxitos y muy linda canción


¡Es genial ver a Steemit Legend cruzar otro gran hito! 27000 seguidores son realmente algo. ¡Felicidades, amigo!
increíble hazaña que has logrado.

Congratulation for having more than 27000 followers. I have only 1000 and most of them never vote or comment on my post.

Congratulation man,
Keep up the good work.

Good Luck.!

Also, i have started posting TA on crypto on my blog too. Please have a look at it. Also, it would be appreciated if you leave a feedback.


Upvoted and followed: steem on!

A big hug from @amico! ;)

Congratulations to you @kingscrown

Hope to get into buying and holding most of the listed coins in this cool post, thanks for sharing this wonderful piece.