Why Steemit Can Replace YouTube in a Few Years 🤭

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Steemit is an exciting new application to social media that not only rewards the Content Creators, but also the viewers as well. YouTube has had a monopoly for far too long and its algorithms for trending videos as well as monetization have been severely flawed. Consider the Logan Paul suicide video. The video was trending at first, was upvoted by 500k people, and was essentially rewarded with YouTubes algorithm. With such a clear bias for certain content creators, Steemit is like a breath of fresh air.

Steemit is a true free market and allows for true democratic popularity. The power is in the user, not the advertisers. The platform is decentralized, meaning that there is no censorship or advertisements. This allows creators and viewers alike to produce any content they desire without fears of being demonetized or flagged for "inappropriate" content. Steemit also rewards the viewers with curation rewards based on how engaged the viewer is. In this kind of atmosphere, Steemit is a freer, more profitable YouTube.

This is why I have decided to take Steemit more seriously and will begin to build up my Steemit profile to encourage others to adopt this technology and also teach them how to thrive from it.

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At least now they have a strong contender. And if they don't pay well to their content creators, Steemit will become and more atractive to them.


You got a 17.39% upvote from @redlambo courtesy of @discernente!

Don't know if it's going to happen in just a few years...youtube is massive, and Steemit still has a lot of catching up to do.

But it will be at least a decent competitor in the medium term, which is a good thing for consumers.


Totally agree with you. DTube isn't as functional as youtube is yet but it definitely has potential.

I couldn't agree more. Youtube is paying less and less to content creators, whilst Steemit is paying more.

Thumbs up if you remember when Youtube used to be about YOU!!

....Now, all they care about is big advertisers and lining their pockets with fat wads of cash off of the backs of the creators who built them up in the first place! Dtube and Steem don't run on ads, and therefore won't need to throw creators under the bus to succeed!

Steemit is the way forward.

Good post! Youtube's monopoly is so toxic. Even Logan Paul's newest "redemption" video hit number 1 on its trending tab within a few hours, steemit and similar platforms are the way forward!


Agreed Bro, thanks for the feedback.

rip youtube 2005-2018 1 like= 1 prayer

If Steemit will replace youtube imagine all those people coming here posting stolen articles and other stuff from various sources

Thank you @kingcryptical you may be right, or we both may be lunatics. I hope your right!

I’m trying to bring my subscribers on Steemit and I will soon start to migrate on Dtube for my uploads as well.
I have never had any troubles with their platform but after 12 years of loyalty, it’s time to change to something better.

Steemit & Dtube is ONE replacement. I think it's unlikely that any one site will be able to monopolize things the way Youtube did. And that's a good thing. It means that a given site can't change rules willy-nilly and screw their content creators. My LetsPlays were doomed because a single site decided to change the rules and gameplay footage of a scary game isn't "Advertiser Friendly". - Hence why I'm uploading here :)


But DTube is different. It saves everything in the blockchain. The "website" d.tube is basically just 1 javascript file. Anyone could take that and make changes and / or write their own and it would show all videos that are shown on DTube.


Agreed, but this isn't appropriate for everyone. We like it and understand it but that doesn't mean the average person watching Youtube videos does. Hence why the migration away from Youtube will likely end up in several places.


That would be great!
YouTube sucks and censors randomly, that's definitely not fair!
I hope that more people will use steemit. (:

Indeed fresh air is coming. Everybody was searching for a way out of yt. And I think now is the time to make a u-turn and go away from the greedy little yt hands.

I believe it, too

I believe it, too

I’m feeling really optimistic about this!

I feel like its a possibility

Now it's time to build up an audience before DTube truly explodes lol

In a near by future when most people realize that they can get pay for the time they invest in social media, they won't want to publish anything else elsewhere unless getting paid something, and Facebook knows this, that's why they will adopt a cryptocurrency sooner or later to compete, or they will have to pay too like steemit does, otherwise they won't survive!!

really good clip

It's always good when people do giveaways


I have to agree, DTube seems destined to overtake YouTube. The Steemit platform has momentum, excitement, and incentives. YouTube, along with Facebook and Twitter, have given too many negative impressions to their respective users lately. The decentralized platform is a huge plus.

"The video was trending at first, was upvoted by 500k people, and was >essentially rewarded with YouTubes algorithm."

I think that has alot more to do with the viewerbase, than the algorithm itself.

Dont get me wrong, I like steemit and think this is the right direction for social media, but i dont realy see how this one was on "Youtube".

"The power is in the user, not the advertisers."

I agree with you but will this allow Steem to beat Youtube? Youtube brought in $4 billion in ad revenue last year. That's a lot of money that can go toward rewards for content creators and development to make the user experience better. Do you think Steem is capable of competing with that?


Yes definitely.
YouTube is keeping most of the ad money for themselves. The video uploaders are getting considerably more money for the same amount of views (upvotes).


All changes in YouTubes ad strategy over the years was to reduce the amount of money that they pay the content creators.

I still feel like steemit moderators / algorithm to bring forward good content is still not there yet.

So far im enjoying this,no advertisement means automatic winner in my book!!! you tube wants u to pay them money to not see ads.Meaning signing up for youtube red which is stupid.We shouldnt pay $$ for something thats annoying to go away! FULL STEEM AHEAD!!!!!!!

Great video! I see great things coming from this platform too!

this is very true, awesome job dude

Great post . Neewbies should always subscribe to this kind of channels to learn more about steemit. Thanks bro.

great post. I with you man. Let me know if your into music and want to know more about hip hop. I will be posting music on my page.

Yep, YouTube is going to die if it continues to put profits over people, and most of all, the creators that supported them the most. Talented creators across the web are getting fed up with traditional social platforms that often take more than they give, or in the case of Facebook take and give nothing in return.

Hopefully DTube will not become like Youtube is today with all the compilations of vines, road rage, pranks and so on.

Great video with good explanations. Keep it up!

I love how the Steemit community isn't filled with trolls and haters like I am so used to by YouTube. Thanks for all the love people :)

Agree 100% !!!

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love Dtube now that I can actually use it.