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I was browsing Youtube earlier and discovered this vlog made by @noelrivas (say hi!). Some outdated information, but always nice to find out what new users think about the platform. He was like - "Hwwwat? Get paid to be social? Who doesn't want that? That's what we do all the time". I've exaggerated it but you get what I mean.

Then it got me thinking - how awesome would it be if anyone can easily convert all their social groups and port them right into communities on Steemit? A big ninja move if such shenanigans can be done. People will get invited to try a new app that works quite like the one that they're used to, but all of a sudden there's a +$0.01 text popping up from their "Hey fellas!" message. A friend voted. But that will only be the start of many things to come.

User conversion doesn't even have to be on a different app on the STEEM blockchain. Maybe it'll be easier to try to answer how Steemit can facilitate existing communities, like the ones I have in Whatsapp groups. Well there's a matter of privacy, but great if there's really not much to be private about while communicating openly, who knows..

Anyone doing vlogs often? Let me know, I'm going to reserve votes for more youtube vloggers doing their own thang for and on Steemit.

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I love it when people talk passionately about Steemit. The potential is so huge that we are barely even seeing the tip of the iceberg right now.

Haha yea he was definitely impressed by the simple concept..

I am still trying to figure out how we will get @steemed ?

Hahah. Oh hey the account's still around! I've had assumed that it's not anymore..

I think I might start a youtube channel and do vlogs too, looks like fun :)

But I watch your youtube vids once at least every few days!

I like the way you think...

The ninja part? Hehe

I was thinking more about the part how you were wondering if there would be a way to import all of your other social groups over here onto steemit. Send them a join message or something? That could be huge.. they would be getting the message from someone they know and trust... which makes it much more likely that they would even look into it.

Hey man! Thanks for sharing my video, really appreciate it. YouTube is quite interesting right now. A lot of big name content creators are losing the privilege to monetize their videos due to advertiser's believing that their content is "controversial" or "racist". I think this could possibly drive a lot of content creators to diversify their media to other platforms (possibly including Steemit if it becomes mainstream) or just leave YouTube altogether. We'll see what the future holds.

Yes some of us over in the network has been tryin to tackle this angle and get more users in to try it out! Keep vlogging!

Good initiative @kevinwong you got some solid ideas brother.

I agree. It'll be neat to see all that actually happens moving forward. Steemit is filled with so many great brainstormers and idea factories!

No problem brother - It's fun checking out community content and figure out ideas :)

Agreed, we are all in this together. Great to see such intelligent people on this platform.

That is a great one - not doing blogs usually but it would not be a problem to do one :-).

Good approach to recruit bulk of new folks - if the platform is ready and we might have already communities and an integrated message system (within Steemit) I would say give that a major push.

I dont think Steemit will do any integrated message though, maybe an offchain solution, but maybe not that important yet as has been doing that already. Hmm will see :D

On the other and being fast and recruit them now BEFORE THE REWARD POOL IS FULL AGAIN would be good as new users could see growing rewards (ideally also for them personally) - i still would love to see a kind of tracking where new users really came from.

His walking and mouthbreathing got a little annoying, but other than that I was a good explanation of the platform for non experts, which is a really important demographic to hit in order for the service to pick up steem. Ha get it?

Lol I like watching vlogs! I probably wouldn't be able to do it myself because I get too self-conscious. I'm kinda surprised that some of the quite old information was still presented in the video, probably because of old articles and stuff. Yea, these kind of 1-on-1 kind of marketing is best, and I think he laid it out pretty well. Well BTC is moving now, but sooner or later I believe Steem will pick up - I've been holding it!

I was considering doing some sort of vlogs moving forward. Good thinking @kevinwong!

Youll be perfect for vlogs!

I'll have to give it a go then!

I would love it if Steemit eventually had the capability to host uploaded videos. One of these days I'd like to make some videos and share them here... but the way it is now, I'd have to first upload them to Youtube and then embed them here. I'd as soon skip the whole Youtube middleman and just take it here... if that ever becomes possible.

Just embed steem wallet and steem voting sistem on Youtube , Instagram, Twiter and Reddit and we are good to go. Check mate. That's the plan : I think.

That's a good idea!

It's a huge undertaking for sure to allow for hosting the size youtube. Its okay to leverage their platforn at the moment! Lol

Yeah, I was kind of wondering if you could fit all that on a block chain. Leverage is good :)

Maybe an off-chain solution but probably more trouble than it's worth atm. Yeah other than not being able to upload stuff that Youtube doesn't approve, it still works fine for 99.9% of the use cases :)

I need to get more steemed please 🙀 great passion came through! Are you the new marketing dude ?

Lol if they send in 10k/month then i might consider ;) haha

Hahaa I hear you 😜 Not an easy job @ned @zurvanic - Heads up looks like some youtubers are already leaving youtube and heading to this new site....would be wicked if somehow they could implement Steem into their backend.

People are looking at new ways to monetise their content and now is the perfect time for Steem to shine as it literally solves that problem for all these content creators.

Hold onto your Steemit coins. Steemit will be big in the coming years :)

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