Let's talk about PASSPORT, their Expiration Date and Several Destination Countries to visit

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Here is the example of the image of my Passport, the old and new. Can you identify the changes? If you know me, you will see the truth in my passport but if you are observant; quickly you will see the difference.

What is the difference in my old passport?

Can you guess what changed in my passport? I think you can! You see? Instead of posting this on Facebook, I did it here! Is it fun! No worries about my passport, it was safe to post in social media, I did remove the important serial numbers and place.

Did you notice the expiry date? If you notice it; yes, indeed! 5 years expiration before but not anymore. You can compare the difference between my old and my new passport. Which one is good and what is the difference? Is there any Difference?

What is the difference in my Latest passport?

My wife @arrliinn, took my passport to the Philippine Embassy the previous day including our children passport. For the information, Adult passport expiration date is different in children passport expiration date. 10 Years for adult and 5 years to children maybe because their appearance will quickly change.

I don't know the other country except for India and Japan. India and Japan have the same in Philippine Passport expiration date, 10 years also. The best passport I know is the Japanese passport and the Singapore passport.

The Japanese Passport has the most powerful in the world. Japanese citizen visa-free or visa-on-arrival access in 189 destinations. 2nd is the Singapore passport with citizen visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 159 destinations. Germany has 158 destinations in my knowledge, correct me if I'm wrong. How about Canada the place of @canadian-coconut?

Kindly share your knowledge about your Passport in your country so that all of us is aware on it. Thank you for the support guys!

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Good information. Thank you.

Forgot to tell you, you need to sign on your new passport.


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