Announcement for the next "International Steemit Music Video" Are you ready!

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Good day to all... How are the life and steemit life being here in steemit? Maybe some others stop writing or storytelling about their life experiences or events because of the decrease in STEEM value? Do not worry about it, use Steemit to write something like a diary and do not think so much about what you can earn and benefit from here because soon you will benefit too.

Do you remember the International Steemit Music Video; it's back and ready to launch and distributed every lyric to the selected person or person wants to join. If you want to participate, feel free to contact me in Discord any time and I will give you your part with an explanation on how you should do.

Don't ask me who is the biggest person involved in this video; just expect the unexpected and I will do my best for editing the music video as we did before. (^_^)

My username in Discord is @kennyroy...

"Let's go back to the Steemit Music Video that we did before to refresh the past?"

The long-awaited "International Steemit Music Video"

After you watch and hear the Music Video, how do you feel? Is it interesting? I did not detail everything to make it exciting and memorable like we did before. I will assure you that this is really amazing and very clear video and the reward of the video that we did is belong to the charity foundation.

Resteem and spread the news...

And to cast your votes, click here!

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I would like to participate!