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Trump’s Twitter account was temporarily shut down by an employee. Security much, Twitter? Whether you support Trump or not, this kind of thing can’t happen here in the Steem world. Doesn’t matter who you are, nobody can shut down your Steem account. That’s true power, for anyone who wants it.


Somebody get this man a Steemit account pronto!!!

Lol. It would certainly help drive up the price of Steem. And I’d love to see his response when he inevitably gets downvoted by a whale and loses payout.

someone should explain to him how easy it is to post on Steemit, and then simply share to facebook/linkedin/twitter. I love it for that reason alone.

Well! Can anyone just impersonate Trump and sign on to Steemit ?!
This may give someone the idea, even though all the facts have to checked first. What happening it went through as genuine. Bunt in fact it is not so!


Sure anyone could. But i don’t think anyone would believe it until he verified it.

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