Caviar's back on the table though yeah? I'm not eating cat food again boss...

if you were not, then that is great. No harm, no foul. I upvoted most of your earlier content, but I guess I took this too seriously and changed my views on you..but if you were being harm, no foul. will upvote your post now

I think you might have missed the point... it's over there ------->

@stellabelle @berniesanders @modprobe @bitcalm @roelandp @rainman @smooth @blocktrades @ned @dan Please spread this. I don't want the money. I just need people to learn to respect others, especially women.

I wish people would understand sarcasm but... Muh we live in a weird messed up world

Can you post a link to the article for us? Otherwise it's hard to verify what you're saying.

Satire is not a fabric....

It's a joke. No need to take it so seriously.

Interesting article