[STEEM MEETUP] The steem meetup group is HERE! Schedule and attend local Steem events!

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What's up Steemers!

I'm seeing a lot of posts about Steem Meetups. So, I thought it would be great if I could bring this to everyone's attention!


Hopefully, this meetup group will help us Steemers schedule and attend more Steemit local events. It will be absolutely amazing if we could start to get Steemers together and help propel Steemit's growth :) The future of Steemit lies in its users, and Steemit has to expand! The importance of reaching out to people in our cities, counties, neighborhoods, universities, colleges, and networks cannot be overstated. 

I will try to tag some important users in the comments at the very end, so that the word can spread. Do your bit and tag others you know. Let's meet our fellow Steemers!  

Being able to reach out to other people directly is instrumental in the success of any social platform, be it Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram! Until Steemit programmers build a chat for users or some direct way to interact with fellow Steemers and we can finally say "I met this person on Steemit, like people say I met him/her on Facebook", it would be absolutely amazing if we could reach out to other fellow Steemers near us!

Just remember, if you want to attend a local Steem event, just schedule it!


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wow very cool! thanks for posting!

@kdugar Steem meetup groups makes this all feel so much more real. It's a positive benefit to all as well. I do a meetup with real estate investors I know from an online investing forum. So much knowledge and growth is shared each meeting. Hopefully Steem meetups do the same!

exactly my point