5 secrets Behind Steemit posting whales don't want you to know, and why your post does not trend!

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Yes, the science is here. Know the reasons why your aticle does not trend.

So, why is everyone getting angry about him earning money in the first place?? Don't we all have the same opportunities on Steemit?? Or do most people believe their content is not being upvoted and they are not earning enough when they think about the time they spent on it?

On Steemit, voters like us decide which posts add value and are worthy of being upvoted. It's not about how much time you spend on your article; it is about how valuable your content is to your voters.

One should know that you can learn a lot from the posts of people who are upvoted instead of showing them unnecessary resentment. In the next few paragraphs, I am going to list a few things that you can do so that your content is upvoted more.


1. Make your post irresistible to viewers

How many times have you gone to a bookstore and seen a magazine or a book whose cover is so visually appealing that it tells you, "Pick me up." Let me guess, that has happened a lot of times. Or tell me about how many times you have opened an article on Steemit just because the headline was weird, shocking or quirky. I am sure you are gonna say, "Been there, done that!" Make sure that the content you create stirs people to action - make sure the reader is compelled to open your article. 

2. What tags are trending?

Look for patterns. What is being upvoted and what tags trend the most? Once you have found what trends and what does not, post something related to the trending tags. Make sure your post is actually valuable to the Steemit community. Also, make sure your post actually says something unique. For example, if you see that the "introduceyourself" tag is trending, make sure your content talks about your life, dreams, goals, experiences, and of course, put up your pictures! Humans are visual people, just remember this! 

3. Could timing be important too??

 I guess so. The graph shows average Steem Dollar payout per post on the vertical axis vs. the time of day these posts were published.


4. Promote your content properly and build a following :)

Upvote yourself, and tell your friends about your Steemit article. Put it on your Facebook wall and tweet it out! You can even spread the word on Google, Bing and Reddit. 


5. Reputation

Once you have built a reputation for yourself, you will find that you are getting a steady stream of upvotes from your followers and even others. Make sure that you always leave a courteous comment or reply for your fellow Steemers. You will make lots of Steemit friends who will upvote and comment on your future posts this way! 

What are the things you or I are doing wrong? Comment and let me know! Thank you! 


Good information for me to digest and put into use.
Thank you,

It seems obvious that people who already have a large number of followers that are the type of people already interested in or aware of crypto are going to have an easy time of getting a lot of upvotes.

That's true. They certainly do have the upper hand getting upvotes. However, they are also bringing more followers to Steemit, which in the long term is adding more value to steemit. In life, we are dealt our cards and we play. There is always a good and a bad. I try to look at the good. Do your best, and tag me in your posts if you need help with upvotes ☺

Picture in between Point 1 and Point 2 isn't showing up for me...

Other than that good post. Thanks

I am sorry. Idk why it won't show up. I have tried a lot of times to put it up. It is basically the cover of the book 'underwater dogs.' Good luck, and tag me in your posts if you need help with upvotes ☺ Also, follow me if you like!