To Link or Not To Link - Steemit Preferred Best Practices

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It just occurred to me while leaving a comment on a Steemit account that is growing in popularity, that I'm not entirely sure of best practices when it comes to mentioning your own work.

I felt like the article I put together would have legitimately been beneficial, in some capacity or another, to this user. But linking my own article on his page, for some reason, just doesn't seem right. Maybe it's because I feel like I'm getting spammed constantly by random accounts that aren't really here for, let's say... the same reasons as me. You know what I'm talking about... They create some bull shit life story where they just happen to make all the perfect crypto moves on 7 different tokens that has netted them $7M over the last 4 years and they link the article for you to check out... or you get the quick comments 5 seconds after posting an article like from non-English speaking people that you just know didn't actually read your post- "Perzpektiv." Or my all time favorite - the request for you to follow them. "I just read you blog. Follow me." Eeeerrrmmmm how about, No.

So the other option is to just point them in the direction of your post, right? "Hey, I posted something I think you'd find beneficial- check it out on my profile." But at that rate... maybe they don't want to take the time to go to your page, and then scroll and search for the article you may or may not be talking about. Maybe they would, in fact, just rather click the link and call it a day.

See my dilemma?

So for the people out there actually creating content... what's your preference? Would you rather someone link their article in their comment to you, or just casually mention it to you and allow you to make your way over on their own?

Let me know what you think!


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