A real milestone! 20 M Vests

in steemit •  9 months ago

I have about 1800 followers, but the reality behind is that only about 1-2% of them vote, read or comment on my posts. I have no problem with that, but I do not celebrate when I pass a followers milestone anymore.

But today I passed a really important one - MOOOONEY! I now have more than 20 million Vests. I have invested most of my earnings in Steemit and have worked hard, posting almost every day for more than a year.

Strangely it comes at a time when I have only had little time or energy to create my drawings and make posts. This post is only the second in this week, but I am working again, next page in my comic will be ready Thursday :)

The filthy rich and rather smug artists: Katharsisdrill.

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Hahahahahaha, the filthy rich and rather smug artist. Lol. That's funny stuff.
Congratulations, man!


Thanks, mate!

@katharsisdrill, I found you not because of your content but because of your negative reaction to another post regarding selling votes. My tenure on Steem has been relatively short and I'm learning fast about what to do and also what not to do.

I, like yourself have a very small percentage of followers who look at my posts and having a follower base of 63, I tend to value those people.

My majority holdings of crypto is now in Steem and having bought some just to give a little back to the people that have given me inspiration to create original content and stories here. It's good to see someone who has the same ideals as myself.


Ah yes, almost forgot about that tread. It is true, as he says, that Steem was supposed to be more than the social network Steemit.com, but that doesn't mean that you are supposed to ruin the site with spam, bots and vote-selling. Instead you should make new sites using the currency and start trading real things for Steem - a thing I want to try out in the future.

Good to hear that you are one of the real bloggers. I think we need that.

I agree. 2k followers and a dozen votes.
A couple dozen views.
Makes you wonder what the first number is for?

I would like to follow your example of a post a day, but I am failing at that.
Too much wanting to write great stuff with great images... and that takes time to plan, and more time to execute.


Yes, agree. When I am making drawings I usually have a good post, but when I go through a period with difficulties and do not work I simply stop posting. I prefer at least one original drawing per post.

Congratulations, it is good to see quality being rewarded. I think it is all about expectations; when I joined steemit, I did it firstly because it was something different and secondly because I would get payouts. While the monetary part was a great incentive, I never planned on being a millionaire, or even living off steemit.

That's why I am very picky about who I follow, I try to keep a high quality on my feed, regardless of the money involved. I don't vote for whales, they don't need it, while most of the people I follow both need and deserve it. I see my feed as a great place to review and go back in time, learning new things and enjoying great art; for me, it is not just a tool to gain reciprocal upvotes (no circle-jerking!).

As for inspiration and creativity, I guess it comes and goes - it is normal and it should be respected, unless you are dependent on it for your living. Cheers!


Yes, investment is an important part of Steemit, but definitely not the only important one. It seems that quality content, good discussions etc. are being treated a bit poorly. Steemit is made by money-people and favours money-people. But I have had a lot of great interaction none the less.

As for my long break: I have had to pull myself up from the sulphur pit, so my creative energy has been a little low.

Great to see you being successful.
I like this platform for a variety of reasons (foremost: decentralized, no censorship, easy to share) and am not in it for the money, but for the great content offered, and new friends made.
Hopefully in time I will have earned enough to make my upvotes more meaningful. That, to me, is the primary incentive to write good posts that earn me steem power I can then pass on to others.


I have been here for the money from the start - not that I really ever considered it a candidate for making a living - but because I am interested in technology that lets artists monetise directly of the internet. For me it is an experiment that could change the rather sad state of the arts after the internet destroyed the old systems. I do not really care for editors, A&R, art dealers etc. they took a far to big share, but if the internet can't make an alternative business model artists will suffer.

But even though my original interest was money I have gained a lot of other things here on Steemit - it is really a fascinating place - both uplifting and sometimes repulsive (system gaming, boting, begging, flagging and fraud)


Tell me, man, did you invest money on steem at the beginning, or you just started from scratch?


I didn't invest anything. It's all earned.

Yes I think that is common, having followers that won't read talk less of upvoting ur article. But I think they are forgetting the rule of engagement is to be engaged. I hope we work together to improve the community. An active community is a responsive one


I agree. Building a community here on Steemit is the thing everybody could actually benefit from and everybody could help build. Collecting some invested wealth to give on to quality content is only one part of it.

Nice - glad to hear you're feeling better too!


Thanks, mate.


Congratulation Sir on 1800 followers. I am waiting for the next page of comic.


As you can read in the post I am not celebrating 1800 followers, but that I reached 20 million Vests. Right now I have 24 votes from 1800 followers on this post...

**Congratulations for 1800 followers!!


As you can read in the post I am not celebrating 1800 followers, but that I reached 20 million Vests. Right now I have 24 votes from 1800 followers on this post...

congratulations @ katharsisdrill
your 1800 followers 8636be0dc0ccbc0452b8d484c71d441874e3a021_hq.jpg


As you can read in the post I am not celebrating 1800 followers, but that I reached 20 million Vests. Right now I have 24 votes from 1800 followers on this post...

Dear friend! Next time also use #artzone and follow @artzone to get an upvote on your quality posts!

Congratulations for your 1800 followers
and i am agree with you sir you are right
thanks for sharing@ katharsisdrill


As you can read in the post I am not celebrating 1800 followers, but that I reached 20 million Vests. Right now I have 24 votes from 1800 followers on this post...