Steem Tag Search v1.2 Update

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When you use Steem Tag Search, you will notice a new button called API.

When clicking on it, you will be taken to the API page where you'll find a JSON response.

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New in Steem Tag Search v1.2 Steem Tag Search now has a dedicated API which makes it easy to integrate Steem Tag Search into other Steem app. The url scheme is exactly the same as for the main app, but with "/api" after the "tagsearch" keyword, so the base url becomes:


Along with the url parameters.

Examples of valid queries are:,programming,papa-pepper&tag=steemit,programming

Python bindings are coming soon as well, and I invite anyone interested to write bindings for their favorite language, so it can be featured here.

The full update description can be read on the changelog.


Looks good! 👍

Thanks. I look forward to how it's going to be used in applications.

i follow you

Hi. I have found that your tool sometimes show a overestimate the amount of articles with a tag. Check for example username, it shows almost 2x times the numbers of posts I made with the #spanish tag.

I also suggest for the next update hiding the tumbnail for posts with #nsfw tag unless you are searching for that tag.