Math-type Markup Support on Steem

in steemit •  last year

Maybe I'm not aware of it, but I can't seem a way to figure out how to typeset math equations with the Steemit editor apart from inserting images which is not ideal for many types of posts.

I was wondering if this is something that the team is considering adding, and if not, whether there's a demand for such a feature.

The simplest way of adding it would probably be to use a library such as Mathjax or Katex to render LaTex typesetted equations.

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As far as I know, inserting pictures is the only way how to insert equations on Steemit, since it uses GitHub flavoured markdown, which does not support rendering of equations.

I totally agree with you that it should be added, as well as syntax highlighting for different programming languages.


Yes, syntax highlighting would be great as well.

It's a little annoying as it keeps me from posting some of the more technical posts.