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I have a little problem, i have been on here for 3 1/2 years, I've been signed up at Cryptopay for a good 2 years exchanging Steem through @bittrex without any problems..UP UNTIL THIS WEEKEND.


I exchanged steem around 9 days ago, a couple of days later i receive an email from Cryptopay doing a security check on my account, they were asking for more details about my last transaction. They wanted to know the platform i was using and purpose of the transaction. I was shocked as i have been using the account for so long without any problems. I sent a reply explaining i had taken it from my Steemit account exchanged it in Bittrex then sent the GBPs to Cryptopay. They thanked me for my reply saying they would pass my email on.

2 days later i get this reply:

Hello there, Karen,

Back to you with an update. We have grounds to believe that the service you indicated (Steemit) may be involved in the distribution of funds from dubious sources. We recommend you to be more cautious. Please note that we do not support transactions made to/from restricted and bad-reputation platforms.

I don't know what to think, I've replied saying ive been with Steemit for over 3 years and there's def nothing dubious about them.

I don't know whether i should continue using this wallet or open another one with another wallet. What do you think?

Thank you @son-of-satire


Meanwhile we're building some stuff to take care and eliminate the middle man. Steem is probably the least dubious of all cryptos. We literally earn money on it talking about our lives and everyone knows everyone else because we're humans and can't help talking and sharing about random stuff in our lives.

My vote is here that Cryptopay is getting shady. Policies like this are always the very first sign of an impending collapse in any exchange. Careful not to get goxxed. Stick with non-custodial exchanges if at all possible.

Hahahahaha frigging middle men. Can't you trade steem for BTC and spend the BTC from a debit card? Or can't you spend steem directly?

I don't really know because I've never but as I understand its possible.

I feel this type of thing is gonna get worse before better, my bank recently said I couldn't buy BTC on Coinbase... can't trust me to spend my money, so they'll do the spending I guess.

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I have used these for 3 years never had a problem. I haven't a clue what's going on..

Oh banks, you can't live with them, you can live without them but they won't let you. So cute. have a steem enables card I think.

There a bloody nuisance lol I'll check that out.. thanks :)

resteemd so more can see👀 hope you can get help sorting it out.

Thank you. Much appreciated :)

Wow. That's a huge one. What the hell do they mean by "dubious"? Nah, I think you should lodge an official complaint to disabuse their line of thought.
They didn't even explain why or how Steemit is dubious.

I felt like i was getting told off, I'm waiting for there reply then I'll talk to the guys in charge see what they say.

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I think stay on the same if they allow to deposit
or go to Binance.

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