Getting Steemits name out there.

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I don't get out much or speak to many people so the only way I can spread Steemits name is by surveys. I do a lot of surveys, at least 20 a day sometimes a lot more and a lot of them ask the same question what social media sites are you a member of or what sites do you visit, they always have the usual names:
I always add Steemits name hoping one day it will join the list.

I filled in a survey today for a survey site and got that question.

Another survey I filled in.

I am doing what I can to get Steemits name out there, Will be great when I open a survey to find Steemits name in the list.

Thank you son-of-satire

Hi I am Karen, I am here to write about my life and read about yours.. If you like what you read please upvote and leave me a message so I can come visit youfollow me on Twitter

In the next UK consensus I'm going to write Religion: STEEMIT!!

Brilliant idea and so true lol :)

That is awesome. Thanks for doing this for us!

Its better than doing nothing, every little bit helps :)

I just stand on the corner and scream about it. Do you think that is effective?

In what way? Making people avoid you... most def lol

Mission accomplished!

Thank you @smooth for flagging my post, as everyone can see I am draining the rewards pool with my post. As you can see from my posts I am lucky to hit €5 some posts nowhere near, I see posts on the trending page making €100s but my post is the one taking money out of the pot. I'm disabled and housebound I wanted to show that I am still doing my bit to promote Steemit, your flag shows me you don't approve so I'll stop. Your flag is hurtful and disappointing.

That's the way to do it!!

Thank you :D

Awesome 😎

Thank you :)

You are nice

Ah thank you :)

A great idea, that is the way to spread our platform, very well done dear friend @ karenb54

Its doing something Thank you :)

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