WHY I WILL ONLY BE POSTING 1 to 3 TIMES A DAY! - and Why You Should Too.

in steemit •  2 years ago

I refuse to churn out garbage. As tempted as I am to upload some form of viral content that I can repackage to seem as if it were my own. I refuse to do it.

I spent the entire day yesterday, writing the first chapter of my book, Decentralized Revolution, stoked by the fact that I would have Steemit as a medium for immediate feedback. To be honest, I was a little disheartened with the complete lack of feedback. I genuinely mean it when I say the financial reward of the post was secondary. I would have liked to hear some form of thoughtful feedback, and even if it were negative.

I will only blog at a rate of 1-3 posts a day, because anything more than that and you are most likely uploading stolen pictures of bong hits and memes. That is not what this platform is intended to be.


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Quality > quantity. I enjoy blogging, but there's only so many good posts you can do in a day. On Tsu I was doing 15 some days, but cut down later on. Need to develop different habits here. It's more about the thoughtful post than the quick and dirty.