Schrodinger's Steemit Post -Until You Actually Check You Are Both On The Trending Page and In The Steemit Bin

in steemit •  2 years ago

Most of us are guilty of it, we post and then manically refresh the blog to check if the post is attracting the up-votes and engagement we feel it deserves.

To this date, my best post on Steemit was when I submitted a story and went off to shave and shower. I forgot about the post for about 30 minutes, and when I checked again, it had garnered over $65. 

Ever since that post, I now purposely avoid the blog for half an hour. It gives me the opportunity to fantasize a little bit.

Physicists have actually proved that matter acts differently when being observed, so steemit and let it be once in a while.

You might just come back to your account and find yourself on the front page.

Thanks for reading,

here's a potato:

Oh wait... wrong platform.

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Did Schrodinger have a cat?


Yes, but we're not sure if it's dead or alive.