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I call you mercury
When you kill our dreams
Moments before we conceive them
Lift me up and drop me after
Hitting harder than water when soap doesn't lather

I call you mercury
Times you become a monster
Blaming time for making it difficult to be younger
Claiming am guilty of certain blunder
Casting me out to the bridge and under
Being man, I wait on you in total surrender

I know you mercury
You never blamed for lack of effort
Maybe never good enough
Maybe cheap as raspberry doughnuts
Or unpleasant as stale yoghurt
But you don't care anyways
Friendship never pays

I know you mercury
From the note you slipped into my waistcoat
Lettered in old English text , a sworn oath
Laced with scent from beef broth
Which we share every night that's cold
Always and forever till we become ghosts

I love you mercury
For you know what you are
Not rigid as iron , never mistaken for water.
You become my life support with positive energy
A privilege I wouldn't give another.

I love you mercury
Though there is no winning with you
For you are fluid as liquid
Tender as morning pasta
Unsteady like sea trip always something new
Beautiful as jay with blue
Amazing like sun shinning around a circle of hue.
Overlooking the cottage we built for two.

I want you mercury
For you become my remedy
Pacifying with eyes of hazel and cream
Complementing an aura of hibiscus bloom
Intoxicating as brew of ripe plum.

I want you mercury
When you become useful as horse without a cart, but not sufficient without one .
Graceful as nun without a child , yet not wanting alone
You take away my sanity bringing out my purity
For until I conquer me , I can't conquer anything.
So till I have you , I have nothing.

..........kazer 2018
Tm-Narcissus...Tm-beast... Tm-god.
Image sourcepixabay

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