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Pain defines man, separates between brands
Some thrive, drawing motivation
Others drown deep in frustration.
No one really chooses, who comes into their lives and who he looses .
So you always at hand lifting with words.
Never too far, if I don't make it to pull the plugs.
Then, would I evade these supplements
Daily gulping down multivitamins
Eating healthy , vegetables and fruits
Still falling in my youth .

An apple a day wasn't enough to keep you away.
Neither is lying helpless making you stay
Nothing is certain but inevitable sorrow
A tragedy is scripted for tomorrow.
I made a vow not to cry
Though tears force its way down my gloomy eyes.
Am part of a game I didn't get to roll the dice.
So am writing incase am not offered a second chance.
Promise to reply and visit a little after noon.
Place the note gently in my jaded tomb.
There won't be shame if you shed a tear.
For by now, I have conquered my deepest fear.
.........kazer 2018
Tm-Narcissus...Tm-beast... Tm-god.

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