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Under the half smiles of moonlight,
You became Rippongi .
Skin of clear milk, blending on a wheel with drops of fresh mikan.
An angel in scarlet blue kimono.
Transmuting into my Bushido,
For your sake, I had given up omiai.
Declining the fairest Geisha,
For my predators where always hunting.
Constantly battling looped demons
You were everything and I soon to become nothing.
Dishonoured my sensei ,
To be bare and defenceless , shitagi and hakama
Holding fast to my waist , going down with its master.
Of course he is an ojisan ,
Pretence would be his weapon,
Chusei kokoro and seigo-sei would come to his rescue.
A man far from omoiyari,
From his unsteady hands, i learnt to wield and master daisho with sonkei.
Hands of which he places on a golden-brown kotatsu,
Heavy breath giving way to prolonged words.
Passing a sentence , seppuku.

Slowly dismantling my highly appreciated oyoroi.
The same tanto given by the shogun,
Would take my life at dawn.
Many have i taken, soon to take mine.
Slipping my cold feet into the waraji to slow time.
A whale strapped unto a cart with broken wheels.
As the graceful Sakura cherry blossoms.
Mocking daisies in the golden sun.
The sun hides his ever glorious face ,
Heaven pours mist , protesting an undesirable fate.
Drowning all regrets and sorrows.
The storm should rage taking me with it
As I wait out every minute .
Sliding my wavering hands round my kamana,
Picking and caressing the gold-plated tanto.
Admiring its beauty, pure refined tamahagane.
A cruel fate, dishonour is forbidden.
Right arm moves forward, left to its support backwards.
A flash , lightning pain explodes my brains.
Ketseuki and ame achieve harmony down my skin
Heart and blade defending meiyo.
kazer 2018(am in the wind)
Tm-Narcissus... Tm-beast... Tm-god.

To understand and appreciate the piece you have to search the words in JAPANESE so they actually mean something to you otherwise ...

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Yes it's a long one hehe, but i got till the end of it. Quite interesting to get through the happenings of Japan's past, with geisha's and swords. Yes i have to research on the terms to get a close meaning, but even in raw, it's still good :^.


What more can i ask for ? You enjoying it and appreciating means some to a brother. Plus the aim was to expose the culture and beauty through writing @teetee ....(am in the wind)

Nice poetry.


I do my best @mujasteem. Thanks for showing support (am in the wind)

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I like the language and the rhythm. I'm going to have to come back later and search the words as you suggest.


That exactly was the desired effect @blockurator . Thanks for stopping by and taking time to appreciate (am in the wind)



Thanks so much @gug711 , for stopping by and finding time to read and appreciate a confusing piece of poetry..... Jah bless (am in the wind )