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I have to translate from Chinese to English using google since I do not know the language (yet!), but it translates very well and is a great post! I have always been interested in Chinese culture and learning the language, maybe one day I will pursue that more in-depth! :) Thank you for your upvote on my post, it means a lot, I wish you even more success!


柜面你不能说/读英语出于某种原因,我也将迎合这一消息给你!我必须从中国的英文翻译,但它转换非常好,是一个伟大的职位!我一直喜欢中国文化和学习语言,也许有一天我会追求更深入的! :)感谢您对我的帖子你给予好评,这意味着很多,我希望你更成功!


ok,chinese culture and language is very nice, i hope you can insist on learing ,don't give up ,we are with you !

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