Now that we have a view counter, why aren't we rewarded for them?

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Steemit made a huge step in being less egocentric and opening to the outside world. The views counter will give more visibility on Steemit to posts that are popular outside of the platform, hence promoting Steemit. The questions is WHY/WHEN will they be taken in account, when giving authors rewards?

Scared of fake views and bots

This is a real concern and I guess Youtube has some ideas on it. There are some mitigations that can be implement: wait for the post to be scrolled until the end for instance. But I admit, those are only mitigations.

1 vote per 100 views

This is a basic idea, make some amount of views equal a [very] low amount of voting power. Of course we could improve it and connect the view voting power to the user if he is registered on Steemit. But I think that is too complicated for nothing.

With this Steemit will propose more than the other platform, and not just the money.

Let's make Steemit awesome.



It would be far too easy to abuse a pay per view system, at least with upvotes something has to physically click the upvote button, people are right to be paranoid about this sort of thing I think.

I don't see why voting is any hard than viewing. The real difference is that, today, you need to be registered to vote. There are a lot of bots living on Steemit among us. The system is already, as you said, abused.

True, but the last thing we want is for them to have a gigantically easy time of it and just game the system by hitting refresh a few hundred times and so on.

We could also limit the views per user. My point is that this could be a big source of promotion. Even if it was 10000 views = 1 vote, it would be better than nothing.

Views are only registered if someone views them on Other sites and apps apparently do not show up as views.

I guess there is room for improvement. Let's not complain too much for now :-)

For now bots don't read. You usually have less view than votes.