My proposal for Steemit Multilingualism

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English is predominant on Steemit but #cn, #kr and other languages have been very active on this community. What can we do to promote multilingualism


Yes English is the main language here. The interface is in English, the cash is in (american$$) English. You do have a lot of people trying to enjoy/participate/write/read/create/post/curate... but can't so much because of the language barrier. If I take myself as an example, I write a lot in English but French is my mother tongue so I can get the pace I want in my text easier that way.

The threat if nothing is done

We will loose users. I came accros this project: russian english
I have mixed feelings about. I like communities coming together but we as Steemians will give more value to the platform if we put contents in quality and quantity. I want everyone to feel he can write or read in the language he or she deems fit.


  • Translate the interface: just look at your data to see which country/language should be first added.
  • Add/Propose a default language tag to the post submitted. This maybe can be in addition to the 5 usual tags (I personally just use 4)
  • Use country top level domain for this default tag. Of course just one tag for a main language( fr for French ...)

So please just standardize the whole language tags so we can discover more culture on Steemit.
I am actually learning dutch so I would like to be able to find those articles (are there any?) easier. And maybe it is the same for anyone trying to learn French.

Don't miss steem, don't miss team.


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the key issue currently isn't the tags, although your proposal is great. It is all about steem power distribution and curation. Any trial won't go far without delegating powers from English whales to non-English curators. I do hope that I am wrong.


Why do we need to delegate power? The whales are whales for a simple reason. If a community is big enough, it should be worth some whales. Then more people will invest and give more power to their voice. Of course I do prefer that power is better distributed, but I want to promote a sense of unity that give equivalent power.


If we want to steemit worldwide content creation platform we need to make it multilingual or someone else will do it and it's not good for all the steemit community.