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Steemit is growing steadily and I am so happy to watch and to share with you some stats about it. Visiting Alexa Traffic Ranks I have been amazed by the growth of Steemit.

Steemit is Ranked 166 in South Korea.

Steemit is Ranked 503 in United Kingdom.

Steemit is Ranked 573 in United States.

Steemit is Ranked 857 in Germany.


Global Rank is 1107.

Even if the best traffic rank is in South Korea, the most visitors are coming from United States, 33,7%. The second place is taken by South Korea with 11,4% and the third place by United Kingdom with 5,4%.

Unfortunately a bad thing is the speed of loading on Steemit which is VERY SLOW. (3.956 Seconds.) I am sure the management of Steemit.Inc are working on this issue because Steemit is growing faster than the speed of light.


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Really nice! In my opinion people need this platform. It's Concept is revolutionary and people will hopefully start to turn away from Facebook and the other established platforms towards Steemit! If this happens, we can really make the Internet a better place.

That's great news but nothing compared to the potential it provides ( reddit + medium + instagram + .....). Steemit will soon be one of top blogging site and all of us can feel that. Right now it's heaven because too many people have this urge of giving valuable contribution to the platform and i'm loving it.

Did you hear that Steem now holds the highest rating of any crypto currency on the Weiss ratings? Apparently it’s at a B+ now. Looks like good things on the horizon man :)


That's amazing man!


I know right?!? I was pretty stoked to hear it. Getting good reviews and ratings from outside sources not really connected to crypto is a big deal. Getting the highest rating of any crypto currency on an elite investors ranking list is massive :)

yea! ahaha the hashtag #kr is speeding up the trending charts, so many kr users over the past month

It is really cool to see the fast growth of steemit. We should be hitting 1million users pretty fast. I am super excited for when that happens.

Great news...Day by day Steemit go moon on rank

i m really happy to see this .. SBD and STEEM is also growing .. :) good luck for future:) keep it up :) @jwolf

great news thanks for sharing upvoted and resteemed

Soon it will get to the top. Steemit all the way

owo its amazing good news for all steemars

yess steem on go & goo

thanks for shareing beautifull news dear friend @jwolf


i love steem @jwolf & thank you so much great news for all steem comounity dear

thanks for shaeing lovely ranking ......

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This is great for us all!

With the way Steemit is growing, it will be on the moon by the end of this year..

This is nice and encouraging.

Hi, how can you take Surfyogi's vote in every of your posts? I mean, what do you give to him?


We are good friends :)

Upvote steemit. We all support this. One day the steemit reach the top 1. Thank you for shear this post.

What a nice news. I'm sure it will be even better.

steemit is hitting world wide.

No one can even argue that steemit is way better than anything out there . Hands down

I,m so happy about this

Steemit is growing so rapidly

I hope to see my country to part of that :)

The growrh of steemit really encouraging, i bet you in a year to come steemit is going to top the world!

excellent post ..loving to your blog.thanks for sharing..

its growing really fast wow the growth is amazing :D