I just found a new Steemit???

in steemit •  3 months ago

Well, it's basically the same interface as steemit but I guess it's build on Ethereum.

The platform it's hell new and I see some people are addicted to it. I am not really impressed.

Weku is the name of the platform which I don't really like. We don't know yet how to buy Weku or the value of it.

There are two different things between Steemit and Weku.

Steem has value and weku no.
Weku has an affiliate link and Steem nope.

Join me on Weku if you're curious.


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Yes, I'm already on weku. My username is @fatherfaith on weku


Do you know if we can buy weku at the moment?


I've not tried it but I saw something like that when reading through the FAQ. You can just check the FAQ section

guess it is a good sign if they copy you


Hehe, for sure, Steemit is still the best!

If weku works on all the faults steemit has then it could work who knows 🤷🏽‍♂️


Yes, who knows, that's why I joined

They mentioned in their whitepaper,

WeKu blockchain is based on STEEMIT framework and Graphene framework.

It's the exact copy of steemit though they wrote in their whitepaper they're going to make some innovation. I'll see how that one goes.


Haha, nice one! Thanks for your comment!

i saw one other too how they will build the following if they keep copying steemit interface