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"It's ok to be optimistic but not to the point that we become unrealistic."

Hola there!. Good day, I'm here again and I'm gonna post another bookish blogs. 

So as a book lover myself I can say there is pros and cons on being one. Here I'm gonna state the facts that book lovers loathe.

Fact #1: Books are ALWAYS expensive

Those people who own more than a 500 books is definitely rich, average YA books cost at least 300-500 pesos and the hard cover are 800-1000 pesos. So if you are planning to own a tons of books then be ready to let out thousands of pesos for that. 

Tip: Make sure that the book that you'll buy would be read. Double check the book, if you really wanna buy it then go, but if you have doubts then I guess you have to browse more maybe you find better book that is worth those hundreds of pesos. 

Fact #2: There is never enough shelves 

This is my current problem, I don't have more book shelves but what I'm planning to do is buy a book ends instead. You just need a space in your desks to put it. And to have extra space I suggest you do a book unhaul and if you find books that you think wouldn't  read or dislike then why don't you donate it in your library at your school or sell it. 

Fact #3: We can never read all the books in the world. 

The most painful fact that ever existed. Because of too much books we just can't possess all those in our hands and sadly we are not immortals who can read forever without worrying when will gonna die. 

Fact #4": We can't read at night. 

Ok so this is a obvious fact but I just can't stop wishing that I wish I have eyes that can be adjusted so I can still read at night. My mother always wants our place dark and I'm a freaking tired on holding a flashback in my hand just to finish my books.

Facts #5: Sequels always takes forever.

One of the facts that sucks. I mean you have to wait YEARS before you know what happens next. And I hate cliff hanger. I can't even finish strange the dreamer cause I am waiting for the book 2 which would be release this month ahhh finally. Besides when the sequels are out you have to reread the first books again just to remember the story. 

So those are all major facts sad facts of a book lovers life. Comment down your most hated fact as a reader. Adios!. 

"May your blog posts don't have any wrong grammars." (like mine)

                                                   Roxy signing off. . .

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