Do you like me? Do you want to fuck me? I burn the rewards !!!

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@Justinsunsteemit witness voting policy

My idea came from @proxy.token.

I am Justin Sun and I bought 70 million STEEM with my hard earned money. When I hodl them, I want to vote for witnesses with good hearts who truly care about our community. Also they have to be a true believer of the sanctity of private property and love our community!

So here we go!

The witnesses I vote for need to upgrade to 22.5 hard fork.

Request opinion to witnesses

  1. Are you willing to believe the sanctity of private property or do you just want to take innocent people’s hard earned money under toxic “consensus”?

  2. Are you willing to shorten the SP power-down period to 3-7 days from the current period?

  3. Are you willing to remove the down-voting policy of STEEM blockchain?

  4. Are you willing to introduce smart contracts into the STEEM block chain?

  5. Are you willing to keep a good relationship with prestigious exchanges and increase our STEEM token value or do you just want to fuck them?

  6. Are you willing to protect the rights of the community members or do you just want to hurt and destroy those you disagree with?

  7. Are you willing to support Steemit, Inc. in accomplishing their job to increase our token value or do you just want to stab them in the back for your own interest?

  8. Are you willing to increase STEEM token value that benefits the whole community or do you only care about your own interest and don’t give a fuck about the real community?

  9. Are you willing to welcome new investors in the future and include everyone into our community or do you just want to fuck those new investors, freeze their investment and kick them out?

  10. Are you willing to always stick to the truth or will you just spread rumors to generate misunderstandings in the community and poison our community culture?

11. Do you like Justin Sun or you just want to fuck him?

We will vote for the witnesses after reviewing witnesses' public answers to the above questions ASAP!

Do you have a dream to become one of the Top20 Witnesses? This is your chance!


I'm not a fan of trolling or making fun of people.

I don't like this, either. There are limits to how much it is cool to mock someone's English when it's their second language.

Thanks for your support! I am thankful to steemy for improving my English. Promise you a Tesla ride.

Even if you are burning it... please consider ending this. The idea is to NOT confuse people, even if most people understand the mockups. I would enjoy if this would get muted for under 60 rep... that way, I would not bother, as long this would be correctly identified as "mock-ups", of course.

I am a fan of being positive... but there are limits of course.

I can add on each comment that I am the fake Justin... Would that help?

I can add on each
Comment that I am the fake
Justin... Would that help?

                 - justinsunsteemy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

No, not really... because some people (newcomers) are still doubtful of what to interpret and validate. Plus mock'ups have a kind of expiry timer by default... after they get out of the "mode"... they are not funny anymore.

If your intention is to just be more visible, then you could have picked NED...

Just saying... You do what you wish...

NED don't deserves any publicity. Not even bad. Just forget him.

Hey, man, I gave you a good deal on the Steemys, you could at least be supportive of my new business Ned's Pizzeria

To be very honest, i want all this mess to sort out as soon as possible, You can't even think how we people are dependent on steemit to earn some bucks for daily expenses, and this all mess is giving us hell a lot of tension.

I will make sure of it!


Don't do this. please.

Seems SAFU like the binance funds. Was UNSAFU before I came.

I edited my funny share , considering the comment , it sounds like it was not funny after all 🖖🏻

You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

To view or trade DRAMA go to


To simply answer question 11: YES

Can I join in?

Sure! But you will have to sign an NDA first!

I already have... oops!

LOL Almost fell for it again. The 'y' at the end

Whats the reason to DO this?

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