How Many of You Read Posts That You Manually Upvote?

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A brief glance yesterday highlighted that about 5-15% of upvotes result in a view of a given post. This was a small sample, but scary nonetheless.

Let's be real - aren't we supposed to be upvoting quality content? How can you know if a post is of high quality without reading it? I love the idea of curation rewards, but not when it causes bad articles to go over the moon.

So my question is: how many of you actually read the posts you manually curate? Just drop a reply below, even if you don't want to use an upvote.

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Edit: If you content that you read every post i promise I'll check out your trail... And I'll follow the best of the best.

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I actually read every post that I upvote. There's still a lot of throwaway content on Steemit. I want to ensure that my upvote, for the little that it's worth, truly goes to those working hard to make Steemit a great, informative, entertaining platform.


And that's one of the reasons I started follow you in the first place. Keep it up, I'm glad to have you around. :)

I read every post I upvote. Many of my upvotes also get resteemed because if I upvote them and they are of open source or voluntaryist nature, then I want to spread the message. It is important to me to curate the best I can.


Great point. I should make sure that i resteem the gems I DO find. Thank you!


Re-steeming also gives the potential to get more for your vote.


After review of your steems and resteems, consider yourself followed.

Every vote I have cast has gone to a post I have read, more than 90% of them have also gone to posts that I commented on.

I firmly believe that the best way to promote quality posts is to use what little curation power I have to upvote posts that bring value to the community.

While I wouldn't ordinarily link one of my threads from another one, I wrote an explanation of that here


I'll definitely check it out tomorrow! Thanks for being a real steemian ;)


Absolutely. The value of Steem only degrades if it becomes /b/

I usually read the post before upvoting. Even if my vote is only worth cents, I only vote to posts I enjoy reading myself 😀

It would be a different story in case of memes


Understandable! Thanks for being a contributor. I hope we have a day soon where there aren't hundreds of junk posts to sort through to find a few great ones!

I've never upvoted anything which I have not read.

After HF19 I dont believe too many people will be blind-voting anymore. Voting power decreases much too quickly.


Hopefully. I assume a number of people are following curation trails, and I understand the reasons, but i think it's wise to periodically check the content in the trail.

In any case, thanks for doing things the right way! I sometimes struggle to find quality content so I'll search for comments that are high quality. If worst comes to worst and i don't have time or can't find content i shamelessly upvote my own comments, starting with the highest quality ones.

I still say you should have to go into a post before upvoting it!


I'd agree with that for a 100% upvote.


This is the sort of thing that is holding steemit back.


  1. Didn't respond to my post
  2. Posted a link to something I have zero interest in
  3. Tried to get me to read your blog without engaging with me in any meaningful way

So no, I absolutely will not read your blog... at least not until you post something great or try to engage with people in a way that shows you actually care about them.

I always read before I upvote.


And i think you for that!


I must say .....I also take great time to read an article befor I upvote and every ipvote goes with a comment relating to the article. I find the authors appreciate the effort and it also gives me more insight and experience

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