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is your steemit account worth less than $50? if yes, i think i have a cunning plan! STOP LIKING WHALE POSTS and START LIKING MINNOW POSTS INSTEAD! all the whales buy their own upvotes anyway! STOP GIVING THEM MORE MONEY! half of them rape the reward pool for themselves, the other half complain about it, while all of them make 100s of SBDs on each post.. a million minnows can be bigger than any whales if we team up.. so if you have made some sweet ass posts lately and they've recieved fuck all views as per usual, bung the URL in the comments here and if everyone reading this can go and upvote them, then hopefully we can all grow a bit bigger!.. small sidenote, it will probably only be me reading this but +1 is better than +0 init! gotta be worth a try at least! Power to the People! yeah?


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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great plan dude, I hope it catches on and more people come on board to make it work... come on people this could be a tiny snowball going down huge hill.


thanks mate! fingers crossed hey!

i'll start by sharing my friend Richy's page, please give him a follow, i've tried to convince him that #steemit is the future but all of his posts went from a few cents down to $0.00 and i think he's given up already.. https://steemit.com/@taylormadefilm come on gang, let's help each other thrive!

#fail.. what a fucking surprise!