FREE FOR ALL self made banners!! (PNG Clear BG gift to anyone who views this post)

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Banner 1st.jpg

Here are a few gifts that I made for anyone that comes upon this post.

As you can see, they are Steem banners, or paragraph splitters.

I feel like when I was first starting to find out how to make a decent looking post, I was searching how to separate my texts, pictures, and other content.
Well... here is a great way to distinguish your text and pictures without everything running together looking sloppy. They are a great way to keep things looking organized and neat!





These were just a couple examples of what I am capable of. I hope you follow for more future content. The following linear banners were not created by me.

If you like such simple designs, I can support your ideas and create them for you.

- Jump Productions

Past Posts:

Jump Productions Steemit.jpg

Thanks Steemit Family, I hope to see you again very soon!

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