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Hi I and my family have delegated more than 400k sp. I know the recent hardfork and the reduced rewards. Do you have a plan for delegator? If no then I might be better power down or manage the sp myself.

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Yes, please check recent @tipu posts about hf21. Basically the additional STEEM payout that comes from weekly power downs will be increased as more curation rewards come in. It was recently increased from 300 to 350 STEEM daily and this will continue.

Having said that I suggest lowering your delegation by something like 25% so you can have SP for some good curation as it is good for the STEEM ecosystem :) The APR for curation is around 10%

And thank you for your delegations!

Ps. Please expect lower payouts trough the weekend as the demand for upvotes is lower. This will allow @tipu to recover voting power that will be later used trough the week.