When you realize that Steemit.Inc finally added to make visible or not the resteems to Steemit.com

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This is my reaction ...

... when I see what is marked in red in the following image and can be read as "Hide resteems" ...

descarga (2).jpg

... and when you click on that, the post from @steemitblog marked in red disappears and the "Hide resteems" sign becomes "Show all".

descarga (3).jpg

Finally I have permission to hide resteemed posts if I just want to see a user's original posts in his/her wall...


This is something that should have happened a long, long, long time ago but well, as some people say ... it's never too late if the thing is good ;)


Would have prefered a seperate tab showing the ReSteems.

But hey, it is another small step. One step at a time.

No one would look at them. At that point they could even remove the resteem button altogether.
True that the resteemed post would still appear on your followers' feed but that's way too crowded.

ReSteems I do use myself for publications that I think are worth sharing.

Where it goes wrong, I think, is those so called payed for ReSteem 'services'. They cause a flood, noise as it were, on many timelines.

So I started to mute those when they pop up. ReSteems are not bad by themselves I think.

Would have prefered a seperate tab showing the ReSteems.

+1 here and of course is step by step XD

Steemi.Inc on the Block

Hm, cannot watch the video my country. But I do not think it is that bad a thing to miss out on. 😁

Hahaha, thank you very much Juan!

The overdrive audio made it almost horrorific. And I even listened to the lyrics for a while, until I felt like I was going to throw up.


My pleasure!