9 Animated Gifs with the Steemit Logo to use in your post or to promote Steemit.

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This is a small package of animated Gifs of the Steemit Logo for to use in your post or to promote Steemit around. All this was thanks to a suggestion in a commentary that came from @samstonehill. Thanks mate! :)

They are simply gif of the animations in video of the Logo of Steemit that I published the other days for download. I will leave the links of the two post at the end in case you need them.

Here are the gifs. I hope they are useful.

And without the sentence.

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cool nice work . this is my favourite


Nice @bobskibob! That one is great :) Thanks for ur comment.

this is best gif for me which i found :) Hope so you will like.

hahahaha lol, crazy cat!

Cool anims man!

Thanks @roelandp! :)

Btw how is the family? Hope everything is ok :)

Cool animations thanks for sharing..you can also use this to welcome new steemians 👍

very cool!!

Great!!! Thanks so much for these beautiful (and useful) animations ^_^

You are welcome and thanks to you for the comment. Glad you like them @silviabeneforti :)

It's good job. I liked the third, fifth and seventh animated gifs

Nice @euggud! Glad you like them :)

Amazing! Thank you!

You are welcome @natashahall! Glad u like them :)

All of them are really well done and slick

Thanks @cryplectibles! Glad u like them :)

Awesome! Happy to promote & follow - thank you!

Thanks a lot @lanceman! Glad u like them :)

These are so very cool!! You are very creative!!!! Upvoted and following! Resteemed, too!

Thanks a lot @dottie! :)

Me gustan mucho las imágenes GIF
¡Ya que son gratis!
Voy a descargarlas y editar mis fotos con ellas...
Gracias Juan Miguel

Me alegro que te gusten! De nada y saludos de vuelta!

These are great thanks for sharing a true asset this post!

Thanks @mallorcaman! Glad you like them :)

amazing work bro!

Thanks a lot @isma! Glad u like them :)

Cool, this might come in handy...

Hopefully! :) Thanks for your comment @jameshsmitharts

Nps, This sort of content really helps.

Very cool! Resteemed!

Thanks a lot @aggroed! :)

Yeah dude! Cool post! Nice work!

Hey thanks Juan Miguel. These are pretty cool! Nice work!

You are welcome @longshot! Glad u like them :)

Now I have only find out how to resize/crop these gif's.
Seems to large for me.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you, Im going to use these untiI I learn how to make one myself....eventually, one day🤔.

ohh amazing i like it thanq you i follow you